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How To Connect AirPods To PS4 For A Satisfying Gameplay

Eric Chan

Every gamer desires to have their own PlayStation Console, but they are quite expensive. Getting a Ps 5 or Ps4 compatible with AirPods or headphones will cost you even more. The good news is that you can play PlayStation games and easily connect your AirPods or wireless headphones. We have created this extensive guide to help get some hacks of how to connect AirPods to ps4. Read on!

Are Airpods great for Gaming with Ps4?

When you play games on your PS4, having great audio will make the game even more enjoyable. The issue is that PS4's compatibility with Airpods or wireless gaming headsets can be abit tricky, but you are guaranteed a great gaming experience when you get it right.

Carrying bulky and heavy gaming headsets can be very tedious for gamers. Therefore the AirPods will come in handy for gamers looking to get lighter options. Plus, they are convenient to use while playing because of their low profile.

We've created this in-depth guide demonstrating how to connect AirPods to PS4 with and without a Bluetooth adapter. Let's dive in!

What you Need to Connect AirPods to PS4

To make this connectivity, you may need a few electronic devices that will go between your ps4 and the Airpods. The fantastic bit is that there is a high possibility that you have these devices in your home. Remember, the PS4 does not have built-in Bluetooth capabilities.

Therefore, first of all, you will need an adaptor to connect AirPods to ps4 effectively. Particularly, you will require a Bluetooth adaptor to plug into the ps4 or console through a USB port or headphone jack. With this adaptor, you can easily connect AirPods to your PS4.

If you don't have the adapter, you can play your games on your phone, which will allow you t use the Airpods as headphones. But, first, let's look at the simple steps you will need to follow while using an adapter.

How to Connect AirPods to PS4 With Bluetooth adapters

PS4 does not support Bluetooth audio or other Bluetooth headphones, and the most common solution is to use a Bluetooth adapter. However, if you don't like the idea of spending extra cash than you spend purchasing your PS4, there are simple ways to connect your AirPods to the PS game console.

Connecting AirPods to your PlayStation will need a few basic steps and the Bluetooth as mentioned above adapter. You can use any Bluetooth adapter you have, but you need to ensure that the adapter fits in your PS4's USB port. Here are the basic steps you can follow to connect your Airpods to your PS using a Bluetooth device.

Step one

The first set is to connect your Bluetooth adapter to one of the free USB ports on your PS4. This will allow it to enter the pairing mode automatically. Ensure you turn off any other Bluetooth devices to avoid interference during the process.

Step two

The second step is to enable the pairing mode of the Airpods. Make sure you have charged your AirPods fully beforehand. You will need to have the Airpods in their AirPods case. Then press the set up or pairing button at the back of your AirPods charging case until the status light turns white. The AirPods should automatically connect to your Bluetooth adapter when the white light is on.

Step three

The third step is to check and ensure that the Airpods and the adapter are properly connected. Next, navigate to Settings on your PS4, select devices, and then the Audio Devices.

Under the audio device's screen, there are two unique settings to change: the input devices and output devices.

  1. First of go to input devices which are under the audio devices. You will then select the headset connected to the controller.

  2. Second, you will go back to audio devices. This time you will select the output device. Then select the USB audio device or USB headphones.

When all is set, you are good to get started. If you want to control the audio volume sent from the PS4 to the Airpods. You can follow the following simple steps:

  1. You will go to settings on the PS4, click on devices, and then audio devices

  2. You will select the output device option

  3. Click on USB audio device /USB headphones

  4. Let your output device match your setup like Headphones Connected to Controller

  5. Then select all audio

How to Connect AirPods to PS4 Without Bluetooth Adapter

As we have stated, PS4 doesn't natively support Bluetooth audio; therefore, syncing AirPods to it is not that easy, especially if you are not using Bluetooth devices. The promising news is that you can navigate your way through and get it done. However, you will need to have an Android or ios smartphone.

Fundamentally, you will play PlayStation games on your smartphone, which will allow you to use your Apple AirPods / AirPods Pro as headphones. Here are the basic steps you could follow:

Step one:

Before you get started, you will need to turn on your PS4. You will sign in to your PlayStation Network Account when it is on.

Step Two:

As we have stated, this method will need you to have a smartphone. This second step will require you to open your smartphone and navigate the application store or app store. Then you will download and install the Remote Play app.

Step three:

Once the application is fully installed, you wil need to log into your PlayStation Network Account. Remember this is now on the phone, and it will only allow you to log in after you have accepted all the Terms and Conditions.

Step four:

Your smartphone will now sync and connect with your PS4. This process can take a few minutes before it is completed.

Step five:

When your smartphone and your PS4 are connected, you will be able to connect your controller to your smartphone. To finish the connectivity, you will need to go to the settings on your smartphone and then select Bluetooth. Then, you will click on the share and PS Button on your controller.

This way, you activate sharing mode on the controller, which will allow the controller to appear on your IOS or Android smartphone.

Step six:

The next step is pretty simple. Your AirPods will then be connected to the phone as usual. The best part is that the steps we have outlined here can be used to connect the Bluetooth headphones of your preference and not just AirPods.

Issues to Expect After Connecting AirPods to PS4

As we have mentioned, the PS4 does not support Bluetooth audio or other Bluetooth headphones, so you will need to look for a way around. With the different hacks we have indicated above on how to use your AirPods in PS4, you can readily expect to have some connectivity issues. Some of these issues include:

1. No game chat feature

The lack of a game chat feature is the first issue you will encounter, which is not that big issue if you are looking to reduce noise for the people in your space. Most gamers find the chat feature vital in making the game more enjoyable. The game chat comes in handy for gamers who want to communicate within groups and complicated team play.

The disadvantage is that when you connect AirPods to your console, you will not use the AirPods' microphones for game chat. However, if you need this feature, you could opt for AirPods specifically designed for PS4.

2. Inability to use AirPods features

When you have connected the Bluetooth audio devices to your PS4, there is a high chance that you will not be able to use some Airpods features. In simple terms, your Airpods will turn into your pair of wireless earbuds.

3. Latency Issues

Using wireless headphones or Airpods may add more data to the PS4, which may interfere with the network playing, especially the online games. In most cases, you will have a time lag, making the gaming experience less enjoyable.

Can You Use AirPods to Chat with Other Gamers on PS4?

In this article, we have discussed and explained how to connect AirPods to ps4, and there is one limitation to the methods: You will not be able to chat with other players or gamers while playing. Even though AirPods come with inbuilt microphones, most Bluetooth adapters will only send audio from the ps4.

Additionally, if you want to hear audio without bothering people in the space you are in, using a Bluetooth adapter is the perfect option. However, if you need to use Airpods to chat with other gamers or players, you will need to purchase a pair that is specifically made for PS4, which can be quite pricey.

If you already have the is made for ps4, and you want to enable voice chat, you wil only need to enable talk mode in the Avantree Bluetooth adapter. Then, you will need to double-click the button on its side, which will light a BlueTooth adapter. The light will turn white, meaning you can voice chat since the microphones are enabled.

Final Words

We have concluded that using AirPods with your PlayStation is a convenient and effective wireless audio solution. Unfortunately, the connectivity between Airpods and ps4 is still limited. However, the good news is that you can connect AirPods pro to ps4 yourself following the simple stems we indicated.

In addition, you can connect wireless headphones or Airpods to ps4 with Bluetooth adapters and without. We hope that the steps we have provided will be helpful for you to enjoy a memorable gaming experience.

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