Best Electronic Ear Muffs of 2023: Top Three Picks

Michael Steffensky

If you work in an environment that is very noisy (like a workshop) or love to go out shooting, there is gear that you should have available. The first and perhaps the most important is a good pair of earmuffs.

There are a lot of options on the market, and to help you narrow your choice down, we have found three of the best. The options below are our choices for the best electronic ear muffs.

Comparison Chart

Walker’s Razor Slim Electronic Muff

Peltor Sport RangeGuard Electronic Hearing Protector

awesafe Electronic Shooting Earmuff

Best Electronic Ear Muffs Reviews

Walker’s Razor Slim Earmuffs

Our first entry is a slim, electronic earmuff that brings a lot to the table. Designed for optimized noise cancellation and vocal amplification, you will be able to discuss just how good your last shot was with ease.


Crafting a pair of earmuffs that will cancel out any excess noise and protect your hearing is an important task. Doing it with features and a design that optimizes comfort, too - that is amazing. In order to do just that, the team at Walker’s knew they had to include the following:

  • Fitted with ultra-thin ear cups
  • Built-in dual omnidirectional mics
  • Noise reduction rate – 23dB
  • Batteries included (2x AAA)
  • Headband is padded
  • Designed with a 3.5mm input jack
  • Comes in a wide variety of colors

When you compare this set of earmuffs to many of its competitors, you will soon see why it stands out in a sea of choices. It offers a nice noise reduction to vocal amplification ratio. This makes it safe to be in areas with loud noises and still be able to carry out conversations that need to be had to get the job done.

They are lightweight and portable, and that is great for those who plan on wearing them all day. Speaking of all day, the battery life on these earmuffs is outstanding.

There are a few things that take away a little of the shine from these earmuffs, though. The first is that, unlike many other models, this one is not designed with an auto-off feature. This will end up eating your battery faster than some would like.

Other than that, the sound quality of anything used through the input jack is not as high definition as some would like.


  • Able to still have conversations
  • Earmuffs have a good battery life
  • Lightweight and portable design
  • Cancels noise very quickly


  • Not built with an auto shut-off feature
  • Quality of sound is just okay

Peltor Sport RG-OTH-4 Hearing Protector

Our next entry is an option brought to us from one of the big names in ear protection - Peltor. Designed with care and attention to what you need, this model will elevate your protection by leaps and bounds.


Peltor knows how to deliver a great set of earmuffs. Concentrated on more of the features and attributes that pertain to the protection of your hearing, they are able to deliver comfort, as well. With this model, the features that they opted to include in the design are:

  • Noise reduction level – 21dB
  • Built-in durable mics that are recessed
  • Fitted with low profile ear cups
  • Headband is fully adjustable
  • Powered by two AAA batteries
  • Crafted with a 3.5mm audio input jack

These earmuffs are versatile. From indoor workshops to outdoor gun ranges, these work perfectly to help reduce that harmful noise. The comfort and fit of these earmuffs are amazing.

From the low profile ear cups to the headband, the design of this model is perfect for long days or nights. Plus, you don’t have to worry about hearing the boss, as the amplification of voices is of the highest quality.

There are a few things that need to be addressed before you make your final decision, though. We find that there are two main issues with these earmuffs. The first is that, for all that comfort and functionality, you have traded a bit of portability. These earmuffs are a bit heavier than some of the other options available to you. The unit also has a poor battery life.


  • Good for indoor and outdoor use
  • Designed with low profile earcups
  • Comfortable and good fit
  • Able to reduce noise while amplifying voices


  • A bit heavy
  • A poor battery life

awesafe Electronic Shooting Earmuff

Our last entry is a comfortable pair of earmuffs that offer a great noise reduction capability. They look pretty good, too!


There is more to these earmuffs than meets the eye. Crafted with care, this model comes with the following features:

  • Designed with low profile earcups
  • Padded adjustable headband
  • Built-in 3.5mm audio input jack
  • Powered by 2 AAA batteries – included
  • Constructed with dual omnidirectional mics
  • Noise reduction rating – 22dB
  • Available in a wide range of colors

If you are looking for quality and functionality, then these earmuffs are a good choice. Crafted with a design that offers superior comfort and customization, along with portability, this model is amazing.

This is the perfect option for those construction workers who need to be able to move from place to place and still protect their hearing. This is especially the case since the construction is done with durable and rugged materials. All of these fantastic attributes make this one heck of an investment.

Though the design is amazing and there are very few flaws, there is still something you should be aware of. Music through the audio jack tends to be less than hi-definition. In fact, many have reported a little static. The batteries are also loose in the compartment. Because of this, there have been some issues with the earmuffs cutting out.


  • Great level of adjustability and comfort
  • Folds down compact for easy storage
  • Crafted with durable materials
  • Price versus value is very good


  • Issues with static when playing music
  • Batteries are a little loose in their compartment


When looking for the best electronic earmuffs, you definitely have a lot of great options. The ones we have chosen above are the ones we feel will deliver you the most optimized experience. We hope this has helped make your decision-making process a bit easier and less stressful.

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