Best Headphones for Sleeping: A Look At The Best The Market Has To Offer

Michael Steffensky

How did anybody ever mow the lawn without headphones? It was not long ago that this tedious task was solitary, and the only auditory element was the sound of the machine chopping up grass and the loud mechanisms at work. Now, we can use this time to get acquainted with our favorite albums, podcasts, or audiobooks… Suddenly, mowing the lawn is not as much of a chore as it used to be. Funny how that works, hey?
However, not all headphones are equally suited for the task.
Some headphones are built especially for listening to softer music in quiet places. Obviously, these will have a hard time competing with the ripping sounds of the lawnmower. Accordingly, we are looking for headphones that manage to block out the sound from the machine, leaving you and you and your thoughts all alone with the audio content– other than of course a distant hum from the mower which reminds you that the machine is, indeed, still working!
So noise protection is important, but so is comfort. Mowing the lawn is already uncomfortable in its own right. Why not treat yourself with accompanying headphones that don’t make the whole thing more uncomfortable than it already is. The build of the headphones– as in the shape as well as the materials they’re made from, as well as the way the padding is proportioned around the contraption– all of this plays a role in how they’re going to feel when cupped over (or inside of) your ears.
Just as important as the ability to block outside noise and the way they feel on your head is, of course, the length they’re going to last. You are looking for headphones that can handle a bit of sweat and last a while before they start falling apart. There are a lot of cheap headphones that hardly last even in the most inactive scenarios– to some degree, you need headphones that can brave the elements and survive the sun, the sweat, and occasional moisture…
Our Top Three Options
Plantronics Backbeat Pro 2
Ideal for any scenario which requires some noise cancellation in order to reach a state of peace and quiet, these are awesome and stylish and can be used for all purposes when you’re not in the yard cutting the grass. Furthermore, there is also an “active-listening” mode which allows you to cancel the noise cancellation temporarily if you need to hear the outside world a bit clearer. Plus, another cool bonus is that the headphones will pause whatever you are listening to the moment you take them off of your ears– this sensor technology is super convenient and very impressive. Plus, they actually turn back on when you put them back on, too, which is extremely handy.
PC Mag once rated these “Best of the year” and they have also been praised by sources like Mashable and other influential tech-related blogs, magazines, and websites. Beyond the convenience of noise cancellation, the audio quality is also remarkable in itself. Whether listening to spoken word, music with deep bass, or anything between, the sound quality is incredibly crisp and exceptionally clear.

They’re wireless and remain charged for up to 24 hours of use, have awesome Bluetooth capabilities if you don’t want to keep your device directly on your person (they’ll work within a distance of up to 100 metres), and they come equipped with all sorts of other special features. Reasonably priced, these are some of the best headphones on the market and work very well for mowing the lawn!
Mixcder E10 Active Noise Cancelling Bluetooth V5.0 Headphones
Complete with professional-level, high-end noise-cancelling technology, these headphones have been scientifically proven to cut out up to 96% of background noise in incredibly loud environments such as subway stations and train, rush hour traffic in the city, busy office locations, and even airplanes while taking off. As if this was not enough, these use the latest Bluetooth technology (the V5.0 edition) which is double as fast when it comes to rate of transmission and over eight times as wide in bandwidth than the next highest Bluetooth version. On top of all of this, the quality of the audio which comes through these is simply amazing and the battery life is proven to be very consistent and durable. Last (but not least) these are VERY comfortable– I mean, extremely cozy to wear… The pillowy leather ear cushions are designed for optimal agreeableness and will not ever start to seem uncomfortable, that is a guarantee.
Coming in at a far more reasonable cost than headphones of similar quality, these guys are completely geared toward functionality and technical proficiency… This is not to say that they are ugly, but they do not waste any of your valued dollar on looking overly fancy. All things being equal, there may not be a better option on the market when considering that you are looking for a tool to make a chore easier, rather than necessarily trying to be the most stylish youth on the scene.

Bose QuietComfort
Everybody knows that Bose is among the best– many just think that this brand is a little too pricey (and they certainly can be). However, this model of noise-cancelling headphones comes in at under $200 and are comfy, light-weight, and effective. Unlike others on this list, they are not wireless, but that really isn’t such a bad thing as long as you have pockets for your mobile device to stream off of. What else can be said? These are comfortable (comfort is in the name), stylish, and extremely reliable.
Bonus: Audio Technica ATH-ANC23
Why not include an option for earbuds, right? A lot of people looking a lawn mowing option are looking for full-on headphones, but these noise-cancelling buds can cancel up to 90% of outside noise in all sorts of loud scenarios, and manage to defy the stereotype that bulkier is better when it comes to blocking off auditory interruptions from the outside world. Consider checking these out if you want something portable and lightweight!

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