Best JBL Headphones: 2023’s Best Picks

Michael Steffensky

As a headphones enthusiast, chances are that you have heard of JBL. It is an American company that has been active since 1946 and has certainly been a big part of the wireless headset revolution that happened a couple of years ago.

Along with Sony, Razer, Bose, and a few other brands, this is one that offers great quality for affordable prices. For this reason, we have created a list of the best JBL headphones, highlighting both those that are budget-friendly, as well as somewhat pricier models. Let’s get to it!

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JBL Reflect Mini 2.0


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JBL JBLE35BLK On Ear Signature

Starting with one of the most significant JBL headsets on the market, this model comes in a few attractive color combinations, including Matte Black, Rose Gold, and Space Grey. Although wired and connectable with a 3.5mm cable, the convenience and usability that this product offers is quite impressive.


Before getting into the quality of the provided audio, we want to discuss the sleek and intuitive design that highlights the JBLE35BLK. We love that the headband is made out of durable fabric and can be corrected depending on what your head size/shape is. Not only that, but the earpads are cushioned with memory foam and are suitable for extended use.

As we have mentioned above, you will need to use a 3.5mm cable to pair these headphones with a device, but luckily, it is made out of flat-fabric and is tangle-free, which reduces the chance for cluttering issues. The most innovative detail has to be the one-button remote control that will allow you to adjust the volume and mute/unmute the mic, thus giving you optimal control over this headset.

When it comes to the bass, treble, and clarity of the audio, we were quite impressed, and the fact that these are over-ear headphones will allow you to engage in an isolated listening experience. The design is incredibly important given the fact that these JBL headphones don’t come with integrated noise cancellation.

There is room for improvement, especially when it comes to cutting out the background noise. However, we have to say that, for the given price and looking at the structure of this model, it is a fantastic choice!


  • Good price
  • Comfortable design
  • One-button control
  • Crystal clear audio


  • Lacking noise cancellation

JBL Reflect Mini 2.0

Getting on with our list of the best JBL headphones, these are just an ideal choice for anyone who is always on the go and is looking to invest in a headset that is sleek and small but still offers great audio quality.


The first highlight of these Bluetooth headphones is the 3-button remote control that will allow you to adjust the volume and the mic, as well as answer incoming calls with minimal effort. Yes, there is an integrated microphone, but it isn’t of the quality that you would get with gaming headphones.

Still, as we are talking about a product that comes at an extremely low price, that shouldn’t be a deal-breaker. Talking about the sensitivity, it is set at 96dB, and the frequency response is set at 10 to 22,000 Hz, which is impressive given the size of this headset. Highlighted by 5.8mm drivers, you can expect nothing but explicit audio quality and pounding bass.

4.1 Bluetooth pairing can be done with one simple touch, and it works up to 100 feet away. Additionally, these are well-known for offering comfortable, ergonomic earbuds.

While we would be happier to see a playtime that is longer than 8 hours, the charge time of 1.5 hours isn’t bad and will allow you to use these headphones on an everyday basis without worrying about whether your battery is running low or not. Overall, this is a well-made headset that is highlighted by an intuitive design and great audio performance.


  • Extremely affordable price
  • Fantastic bass
  • Ergonomic design
  • Good Bluetooth pairing
  • 3-button remote


  • Weak battery life
  • Mic could be better


Lastly, we have a headset that is sleek and elegant, with a huge potential to satisfy both your private and professional needs. With an adjustable fit design, as well as powerful bass and accurate audio, it is something that you should definitely consider when looking for reliable on-ear headphones.


The first thing that we love about this product is that you can efficiently connect it with several different devices. The multi-point connectivity will allow you to switch between your smartphone, tablet, and computer with just a single touch. The 4.1 Bluetooth pairing technology is incredibly reliable and works at a range of up to 150 feet.

Talking about the design, there are a couple of details that we like. The adjustable and padded headband truly goes a long way when it comes to ensuring optimal comfort and fit. Also, you can wear the cushioned ear pads for hours without feeling any discomfort. On top of all that, JBL did a fantastic job integrating the foldable structure, which will save you storage space when these are out of use.

The powerful bass that these JBL are highlighted by, as well as the one-button remote control, adds to the overall value. We love that you can easily answer calls and adjust the volume with just a single click.

The battery life is set at 16 hours of continuous playtime, and it takes 2.5 hours to fully charge, which is quite good given the price tag that this product comes at. The main issue that we have with it is that the noise cancellation isn’t that impressive.

Regardless of that, you are looking at a pair of fantastic headphones that can be used for casual music listening, as well as important conference calls.


  • Value for money
  • Foldable design
  • Comfortable
  • Pure bass
  • Good battery life


  • Noise cancellation has to be better


There is no doubt that all three of the mentioned products are worth their price. If you are on a tight budget, then the 500BT is probably the best choice given the impressive design, bass, and audio quality that you will get to enjoy. If you are more into in-ear headsets, then the JBL Reflect Mini 2.0 stands as a great alternative that is highlighted by utmost comfort and precise audio!

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