Best Noise Cancelling Headphones for Babies: 2023’s Buying Guide

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When it comes to taking care of newborns and toddlers, you want to make sure that these precious bundles of joy are completely safe and sound. That means going the extra mile sometimes, but it’s all worth it when ensuring your beautiful baby’s health and safety.

Fortunately, over the years, there have been a ton of products designed for the exact purpose of keeping your child safe. These products come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and functions, but all of them share the common goal of protecting babies.

In this article, we’re going to examine a particular niche in the baby-safety industry: noise-canceling headphones. We’re going to give you our reviews of what we consider to be the best of the bunch, and by the end, you’ll have a new item on your shopping list. So let’s get into it and check out the best noise-cancelling headphones for babies that you can buy for your little one.

Do Infants Need Noise Cancelling Headphones?

Indeed, babies, infants and kids need noise-canceling headphones, especially for protection against loud sounds. Ideally, a child's young ears are sensitive to extreme sounds due to their miniature size that amplifies every noise level. Therefore, it's possible what is considered as acceptable noise level to be harmful to their little ears.

Borrowing from expert advice, loud sounds can cause ear canal fibers to damage, leading to permanent damage of your's child's hearing mechanism. Progressively, this damage may pose hearing issues later in teenage and adult life due to noise-induced hearing loss. Accordingly, infant noise-cancelling headphones act as ear protection gadgets from harsh noise. As such, the best noise-cancelling headphones can help infants fall asleep in loud environments while still offering ear protection.

Even so, there are instances that may require you to seek expert advice to avoid getting the wrong hearing protection accessories. Luckily, we will later, in this article, cover aspects to look out for the best noise-cancelling headphones. Nonetheless, protection earmuffs and ear protection headphones are effective in protecting the little ears of your young ones from noise-induced hearing loss.

Notably, here are a few instances when these ear protection baby headphones come in handy:

  • Noisy Airplane environment and travel
  • Vacuuming
  • Watching TV
  • Concerts and sporting events
  • Outdoor public activities
  • Funfairs
  • Heavy city traffic full of honking

However, your infant can do without the baby headphones when not necessary. Elementally, the main reason for these accessories is ear protection against harsh sounds.

Are infant noise cancelling headphones necessary?

Best Noise Cancelling Headphones for Babies Reviews

1. Baby Banz Earmuffs Infant Hearing Protection (12579, 4.7)

BANZ Earmuffs Infant Hearing Protection – Ages 0-2 Years (Baseball)
  • BEST HEARING EARMUFFS for infants and toddlers. These baby earmuffs are perfect for...
  • INDUSTRY LEADING NOISE REDUCTION RATING – NRR 31dB. These are the best hearing earmuffs...
  • LIGHTWEIGHT & DURABLE - These are perfect for sporting events, car races, music concerts,...
  • The PERFECT HEARING PROTECTION for little ears. Don't be fooled by bulky competitors who...

These nifty noise-cancellers from Baby Banz are made to be comfortable for your toddler to wear at any given time, as well as boasting exceptional noise canceling design. We’ve included it on this list because of its nondescript appearance and ease of use. It’s a high-quality product that doesn’t feel the need to be overly flashy - the headphones speak for themselves.


These Baby Banz earmuffs are loaded with a ton of great features and functions; all of them are included to provide your child with exceptional comfort and safety.

Perhaps the most notable of these features are the muffs themselves. They may seem big and cumbersome, but they’re actually incredibly soft and practical, with a range of different fits and sizes to suit your little one’s ears.

The muffs are cushioned with foam, which prevents discomfort, as well as makes sure the fit isn’t too snug. Additionally, the headband is made of soft, high-quality leather, providing great overall comfort.

You can’t go wrong with Baby Banz earmuffs, and we’re sure that your child will agree after wearing them.


  • Variety of sizes and colors to choose from
  • Lightweight build despite size will not irritate baby
  • Excellent noise-reduction in loud spaces
  • Extremely comfortable and fit nicely


  • It can be expensive compared to similar models

2. BBTKCARE Baby Noise Cancelling Headphones (7911, 4.6)

BBTKCARE Baby Headphones Noise Cancelling Headphones for Babies for 3...
  • YOUR NEWBORN WILL LOVE THE SOFT PADDED DESIGN, since the zero- pressure noise reduction...
  • PERFECT FOR NAP-TIME ON THE GO! The BBTKCARE baby noise cancellation headphones are ideal...
  • LOOKING FOR THE BEST BABY SHOWER GIFT? Offer new mommy our baby headphones and help their...
  • HAPPY SLEEPING BABIES OR YOUR MONEY BACK! That’s our unconditional satisfaction. Your...

We spoke very highly of Baby Banz previously, and a lot of that praise can also be directed here. BBTKCARE provides many of the same great qualities. These are a great alternative to Baby Banz, thanks to their lower price and a ton of use. And while the BBTKCARE earmuffs never quite live up to the high bar of Baby Banz, they still deliver on the areas that count - your little one’s ears will definitely be protected.


You have probably picked up on how often we compared BBTKCARE to Baby Banz, but this product has a ton of great stuff, enough to stand on its own two legs (much like your toddler).

For starters, these earmuffs boast exceptional noise-reduction ratings, some of the best out there, in fact, and that’s nothing to scoff at. This aspect ensures that your baby could endure the loud noises of a Slipknot concert (though we still wouldn’t recommend taking your little one there).

Much like Baby Banz, BBTKCARE earmuffs have leather-lined headbands that provide even more comfort for those little heads. The earmuffs themselves are also cushioned with foam, which is incredibly gentle on your little one’s ears.

Overall, this is another tremendous noise-canceling headphone product. It may fall short in a few places, but it delivers where it counts - and that means exceptional noise reduction and comfort for your child’s ears.


  • Exceptional noise reduction keeps your baby's ears safe
  • Leather-lined headband for durability and softness
  • Comfort and quality in equal measure
  • Very affordable for great quality and durability


  • Not much variety (of colors and sizes)
  • Maybe too bulky for your little one

3. Dr.meter EM100 Kids Protective Earmuffs (7927, 4.6)

Dr.meter Ear Muffs for Noise Reduction EM100 27 NRR Kids Noise...
  • 【Soft & Comfortable】: Dr.meter kids Earmuffs are made of high density sponge on the...
  • 【Adjustable Headband】: The adjustable headband makes it possible to cover any head...
  • 【Mighty Noise Reduction】: Armed with rugged ABS shell and thickened noise reduction...
  • 【Authorized Certification】: Double certification, double your peace of mind! Dr.meter...
  • 【Various Occasions Available】: Fancy for a gorgeous firework show, football match or...

Another ear protection and noise reduction set for babies, toddlers and older children are these Dr. Meter EM100 Earmuffs. These baby hearing protection earmuffs are tailored for small ears with an optimal balance between protection and hearing.


Notably, the Dr. Meter kid's earmuffs are capable of protecting your child against loud noises at a noise reduction rating of 27 decibels. As one of the best infant noise-cancelling headphones, this set is effective in airports, construction sites, and large crowds like concerts. In its suitability for young and delicate kids, this set comes with an adjustable headband that is padded with soft material for comfort.

Also, as one of the best noise-cancelling headphones for babies, this set comes with cushioned ear cups that ensure a comfortable fit with enhanced noise blocking. When traveling, you can easily fold these earmuffs and pack them in your baby bag, all due to their fully rotatable cups.


  • A padded headband and cushioned ear cups
  • Foldable structure
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Safe and ANSI certified for use on children
  • Adequate noise reduction rating


  • Not many color options

4. Fnova Hearing Protector Earmuffs (6261, 4.6)

Another incredible alternative for infant noise-cancelling headphones is the Fnova Hearing Protectors. These ear defenders are versatile to diverse loud situations, thus offering protection to kids of different ages. Subsequently, read on for more product details in the next subsection.


This model is one of the best baby earmuffs on our list, with a high noise reduction ratio of 34 decibels. With this set, parents can protect their toddlers and older kids. As a result, if you buy this unit for use with an infant, it can last you for years with maximum usability and wearability. Notably, this set is constructed with two layers of noise-reduction foam and a hard plastic exterior shell.

Asides from their suitability for growing kids, these earmuffs offer a wide range of colored accents, making them even more likable by teenagers. In addition, their headband is padded for comfort on an infant's or toddler's head. Furthermore, you can easily carry this set in your baby bag when traveling since it's collapsible and compact. Finally, these earmuffs are durable, and this is accompanied by a 60-day warranty.


  • Adjustable
  • Attractive
  • Durable
  • High noise reduction rating
  • Lightweight
  • Built to last


  • Requires additional earplugs to achieve the 34-decibel NRR
  • Lack adequate sizes for heads bigger above average

5. Fridaybaby Baby Ear Protection (5892, 4.7)

Friday 7Care Baby Ear Protection Noise Canceling Headphones for Ages...
  • FOR SENSITIVE EARS: Protect your child's precious hearing during the crucial early...
  • GO ANYWHERE: Protect your little one's hearing on all their adventures with Friday 7Care...
  • INCREDIBLE COMFORT: Perfectly designed for newborns, infants, and toddlers, these...
  • LOWER THE NOISE, NOT THE FUN: These specially designed earphones provide optimal noise...
  • PREMIUM BABY EAR PROTECTION: With soft padded headbands, thick shells, and non-toxic...

These earmuffs from Fridaybaby aren’t average, despite their mid-placement on our list. Rest assured that you can count on these earmuffs for some great noise reduction like all the products we've listed. So without any further ado, let’s take a look at Fridaybaby Baby Ear Protection.


These earmuffs represent everything you should look for in noise-canceling headphones for your kids. That means comfort and quality in equal measure, and if none of the other products we’ve mentioned previously have piqued your interest, this one surely will.

For starters, your baby’s comfort is guaranteed thanks to a surprisingly lightweight design. Like the others, these earmuffs feature foam-lined earpieces and a soft, fully-adjustable headband.

The only real discerning factors when it comes to these earmuffs are the size and price. The earpieces themselves are relatively large, and the price is pretty low, considering it’s such a high-quality product.


  • Cheap and affordable for all parents
  • Very comfortable for your little one
  • High noise-reduction potential to keep your tot safe
  • Fully-adjustable headband for a custom fit


  • Bland in design and a lack of variety in color

6. LilGadgets Untangled Pro Wireless Bluetooth Headphones (4496, 4.5)

LilGadgets Untangled Pro Wireless Kids Headphones, On-Ear Bluetooth...
  • NO MORE TANGLED WIRES: Do you want to make sure your children can listen to music,...
  • SHAREPORT TECHNOLOGY: SharePort Technology allows you to connect multiple headphones to...
  • SoftTouch PADDING: Children will love the specifically designed SoftTouch breathable mesh...
  • LONG-LASTING BATTERY LIFE: These headphones boast 12 hours of battery life & 180 hours of...
  • VOLUME LIMITED: A quality audio solution designed for kids with internal 40mm drivers and...

Here's another option for infant noise-cancelling headphones that already provide the infant aesthetic with their name suggesting little. Even if you don't have an infant or toddler, these baby headphones would be an ideal gift for an older child's birthday with an extended relevance of ear protection during childhood. Going beyond its colorful build, read on for a more detailed description of this product.


The LilGadgets baby headphones offer incredible versatility to children of different ages, including infants, for their small fit for little ears. Besides acting as hearing protection earmuffs, these baby headphones also can be used for ear protection while listening to audiobooks or music. Specifically, their noise reduction rating is safe for infants since they have limited volume for the headphones mode. Even so, these baby headphones allow for superior sound quality through passive noise reduction filters that keep loud outside sound.

Another aspect that makes these protection earmuffs/baby headphones ideal for infants is the SoftTouch breathable mesh that makes them comfortable to wear for extended periods. Furthermore, the extended wearability is supported by its long battery life of 12 hours while in use and 180 hours while on standby. Fortunately, these baby headphones are compatible with most Bluetooth devices, including iPad, TV, laptop, PC, and mobile devices such as iPhone. Therefore, you will control the content your child is exposed to.

If you have more than one child, these baby headphones are just the right companion with shareable wireless technology. This set's SharePort technology allows for multiple headset connectivity without splitters. To top its incredible features, these baby headphones are durable with tight holding ear pads to avoid falling off.

Even more, these noise-cancelling headphones/baby earmuffs are wireless and come with a charging cable and a built-in microphone for noise cancellation. As such, these gadgets are ideal for including in your diaper bag, especially when embarking on airplane travel.


  • Extremely comfortable
  • Wireless and untangling
  • Durable
  • Adjustable fitting due to metal extenders
  • Available in a variety of colors
  • Ideal for a wide range of kids' ages
  • Noise-cancelling built-in microphone
  • Versatile Bluetooth connectivity
  • Multiple headphone connectivity


  • Sub-par padding material

7. HearTek Kids' Noise Cancelling Headphones/Earmuffs (3691, 4.4)

Noise Cancelling Headphones Kids Adult Earmuffs Shooting Ear...
  • QUALITY PROTECTION - HearTek Kids and Junior Hearing Protection Ear Muffs feature...
  • DURABLE COMFORT - The padded headband and soft padded ear cups provides a comfortable fit....
  • THE PERFECT FIT - The self-adjusting ear cups and headband makes it easy to find the...
  • EASY PACKING - Our earmuffs feature a foldable style as the ear cups collapse into the...
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - HearTek is a USA family owned business. Our products always...

If not satisfied with the other mentioned baby headphones, we've also lined up the HearTek kids' noise-cancelling headphones. Ideally, this set of baby earmuffs is meant for ear protection with an incredible noise reduction rate. Additionally, Whether used on an infant or older children or children with special needs, you can be sure that these hearing protection earmuffs offer construction -zone grade ear protection.


These HearTek baby earmuffs offer an incredible comfort factor through their mounted ear cups that distribute the pressure and weight of the ear cups. As noise-cancelling headphones for babies, this HearTek set boasts a noise reduction rate of 27 decibels and meets all ANSI requirements with an ANSI S3.19 certification. Yet, even as these baby earmuffs protect a child's ears from loud sound levels, they also strike a balance with hearing.

They also have a padded headband for comfortable wearing over extended periods. Also, the ear cups self-adjust for maximum ear protection while still enabling children to hear. You can get these earmuffs in a wide variety of patterns and colors for different preferences. You can also easily collapse these favorites for compact packing when going for sporting events.


  • Durable
  • Comfortable headband
  • Attractive
  • ANSI certified
  • Balanced protection and hearing
  • Collapsible and travel friendly
  • Affordable
  • Safety tested and approved


  • Inadjustable width

8. My Happy Tot Noise Reduction Earmuffs (1671, 4.6)

My Happy Tot Baby Noise Cancelling Headphones – Kids Ear Protection...
  • PROTECT DELICATE YOUNG EARS from loud sounds with My Happy Tot Baby Headphones for noise...
  • COMFORTABLE EARMUFFS for hearing protection feature padded ear cups that seal around...
  • FITS ALL CHILDRENS HEADS via retractable pins that connect ear cups to the headband. My...
  • SAFE AND DURABLE noise canceling ear muffs endure drops and impacts by your active kid....
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE lets you select My Happy Tot Kids Ear Muffs for noise...

With a name like that, there’s little room to go wrong. Sure enough, My Happy Tot lives up to its name by providing great comfort in a compact, lightweight package. While they don’t sport the same variety as Baby Banz, you’re still in for some great value for money.


My Happy Tot is a great choice because it protects your child from some seriously damaging acoustic noises while still enabling them to hear less harmful sounds. Much like BBTKCARE, they’re a welcome alternative to Baby Banz.

What immediately sets the My Happy Tot earmuffs apart from others on our list is their size. Unlike the two previous entries, My Happy Tot has an incredibly small, lightweight design. As a result, they’re very lowkey and are probably also a whole lot more practical than bulkier alternatives.

Thanks to their size, the My Happy Tot earmuffs are more comfortable for your child to wear. So you won’t need to worry about them slipping off or being too cumbersome. But other than that, there’s not much else that sets them apart. Simply put, if you’re in need of some quality noise-canceling headphones for your kid but don’t want something unwieldy, My Happy Tot is the way to go.


  • Lowkey, lightweight design is perfect for baby
  • Comfortable and slim-fitting design
  • Stylish and good-looking for kiddies’ earmuffs
  • Very affordable for most parents


  • Lack of variety in color
  • Plastic casing can be broken

9. Muted Designer Hearing Protection For Infants & Kids (1063, 4.7)

Noise Cancelling Headphones for Kids - Toddler to Teen - Children...
  • Adjustable, soft head band and cushioned ear cups create a comfortable fit from toddler to...
  • Great for infants or babies who need extra hearing protection due to sensory sensitivity,...
  • Stylish and unique, Muted’s hearing protection headphones come in fashionable patterns...
  • Ear muffs are lightweight and collapse to an easy packing size to go wherever life takes...
  • Hearing protection for kids that’s perfect for sporting events, airplanes, concerts,...

Other baby earmuffs also suitable for older children are the Muted Designer Hearing Protection Muffs. This set can be used by kids of different ages, from toddlers to young teenagers. It also already sells its work through its title 'Muted'.


These stylish noise-blocking ear muffs for babies offer one of the best ear protection for kids at a noise reduction rating of 27 decibels. Also, this set meets ANSI requirements for guaranteed safety for kids. In addition, these earmuffs offer optimal comfort to older kids and young babies due to their soft padded headband and cushioned cups. Parents will also like this set since it's collapsible and lightweight for easy packing while traveling.

Besides being stylish and fashionable, these are the best noise cancelling headphones for babies and kids requiring extra or enhanced hearing protection. For instance, kids with sensory sensitivity, Aspergers or autism can use this set to protect their ears against loud noises during fireworks, sporting events, concerts and other loud events.


  • Collapsible and lightweight
  • Adjustable
  • Fashionable
  • Ideal hearing protection for kids with special needs
  • ANSI certified for kids' safety
  • A softly padded headband and cushioned cups
  • Versatile to ids of different ages


  • Older kids cannot put them on by themselves

10. PORMUCAL Baby Ear Protection Ear Muffs (996, 4.6)

PORMUCAL Baby Ear Protection Ear muffs For 3 Months To 2+ Years Noise...
  • EAR PROTECTION for infants and toddlers, perfect for newborns through 24 months and up.
  • US CPSIA and ASTM CERTIFICATIE,safety for your baby,with Skin-friendly and soft padded...
  • INDUSTRY LEADING NOISE REDUCTION RATING – NRR 27dB.Block harmful noise and protect your...
  • PROTECT your baby anywhere for sporting events, car races, live music events, airports,...
  • LARGE internal space design makes it no pressure on baby's ears, adjustable head band with...

On the flipside of My Happy Tot’s no-nonsense, lowkey design is PORMUCAL. These earmuffs provide everything you’ve come to expect from baby noise-reduction headgear, but with a cute, gimmicky finish like no other. Don’t let the cutesy ears fool you; however, PORMUCAL still provides your child with all the noise reduction they need.


These earmuffs are a bit of an outlier on our list; they’re neither too cheap nor too expensive; they’re not too bulky or too small. Instead, these earmuffs lie somewhere in between all of that and still manage to provide everything you need out of noise-canceling headphones for your baby.

For starters, they have an industry-leading noise-protection rating - about NPR 27dB - with a spacious earmuff design. That means less pressure on the ears of your little one.

Like the others on our list, the headband is made from soft, high-quality leather and is adjustable to suit your baby’s needs. Coupled with the foam-lined earmuffs, this presents an overall comfortable package.

Overall, you’ll be getting all of the quality and features you can come to expect from the earmuffs on this list. Simply put, if you put your faith in any of the products we’ve mentioned, it will surely be rewarded.


  • Unique design and appearance makes them fun to wear
  • Great noise-reduction qualities keep your tot safe
  • Fit comfortably and snugly to your baby's ears
  • Smaller in size without being tiny and uncomfortable


  • Leans more towards the expensive side of things
  • Not a lot of variety beyond a handful of colors

What to Look For in Quality Infant Noise Cancelling Headphones

1. Volume Ratings and Noise Reduction Rating

The best noise-canceling headphones should have a volume limitation as the main method for offering hearing protection. This aspect means your infant's headphones should control the noise level your infant or toddler is exposed to. Accordingly, your child will be protected against harsh sounds and still mildly hear what is happening around them. Ideally, the higher the number of decibels blocked out, the better for versatility to different noise levels.

In line with volume ratings, infant noise-cancelling headphones are also categorized based on their Noise Reduction Ratings. NRR rating works to indicate how effective an individual set is in blocking out noise. So, the higher the NRR rating, the better hearing protection is offered to your kids. Also, as part of quality checks, the best products in the category should have ANSI safety certification for functional authenticity.

2. Fit

Having considered the volume ratings, next, you should obtain the most appropriate fit for your infant. Reasonably, you wouldn't want your select set to press against the head of your child or be loose, thus passing noise. Ideally, most parents prefer headphones that fit snugly over a baby's ears while resting comfortably on a kid's head.

Furthermore, we recommend opting for models that offer the most adjustability for long-term use as your infant or toddler grows. Also, while shopping for the best baby noise-canceling headphones, it would add value if you factored in a suitable color. For instance, the Baby Banz Headphones come in a wide variety of colors and designs that provide the best fit for your child.

3. Versatile Connectivity

The most common connection type that you can find in this product category is Bluetooth. As such, your select infant noise-reduction headset should be able to connect to various devices. Bluetooth is mostly useful in headphones that produce sound when kids are listening to music or audiobooks. Subsequently, Bluetooth connectivity gives parents utmost control over the kids' content.

Additionally, Bluetooth helps keep kids calm, occupied and entertained when parents are engaged in noisy activities such as mowing. Even so, the sound output of the headphones should be infant-friendly.

4. Breathable Material

The other aspect to look out for in Kids' noise-blocking headphones is whether the material on the cups is breathable or not. A breathable mesh over the earpieces helps in adding comfort while toddlers are wearing these gadgets. Specifically, it prevents toddlers' ears from getting too hot, thus avoiding irritation caused by sweating.

In addition to the breathable earpiece material, your headband should have a breathable padding material for comfortable wearability. Therefore, the best baby noise-canceling headphones should have breathable material for utmost comfort to toddlers. As part of choosing soft and breathable cushioning material, ensure this applies to the earpieces and the headband.

However, regardless of how comfortable and breathable a set's material is, if your child doesn't want to wear them, don't force them to wear it. It is also possible that toddlers won't have these headphones for long despite being the most comfortable. Even so, starting with comfort and breathability helps your child love these gadgets, thus progressively having them for long as they protect their ears.

5. Adjustability

The best headphones in this category should also have versatile adjustability to allow maximum maneuverability. Having maneuverable earpieces ensures that your toddler or infant will remain comfortable with these headphones despite any movements. Also, adjustability helps ensure that your child grows with these headphones while maintaining constant comfort and snug fit.

6. Lightweight

Many parents would agree that traveling with babies can be quite cumbersome due to the many accompaniments you have to carry. Accordingly, if you are to add these headphones or ear defenders to the list of baby traveling items, you should consider buying a lightweight set. This first rationale of the lightweight feature applies for easy carrying, such as when you own a set of Baby Banz headphones.

Even more, a lightweight noise-reduction headset contributes to the overall comfort when worn by an infant. Therefore, this feature benefits both parents and kids

7. Collapsible

Lastly, you should also get a collapsible headset to reduce the pressure and meltdown that come with packing baby stuff. This feature ensures that you can fold these accessories when not in use and safely store them away. In addition, asides from easy storage, collapsible infant noise-canceling headsets allow easy carrying for constant protection of babies against any noise.

Final Verdict

Like we said already, you can’t go wrong with any of the great products we’ve selected. Every single one of them will provide your baby with the comfort and quality that they deserve.

However, we’re inclined to recommend our first choice - the Baby Banz - over the others. Not only do these earmuffs come at a really affordable price, but they’re also big on variety and comfort. There’s a size and color for every toddler here, and you’d be hard-pressed to find a better set of earmuffs.

Other than that, we hope we’ve provided you with enough to add another item to your baby shower list. Your baby’s comfort and safety are what’s important at the end of the day, so there’s no reason to skimp on something they may desperately need. So keep your children safe, sound, and warm. They’re our future, after all.

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