Best Soundbar Without Subwoofer for Your Home

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If you have a nice TV, you should match it with the best soundbar without a subwoofer. An inexpensive soundbar surpasses the integrated speakers on most TVs, thanks to numerous drivers covering a larger area in front of the screen.

As TVs become smaller, their speakers diminish, becoming quieter and less dynamic. Even the best TVs aren't immune, so a soundbar is an excellent upgrade. It may serve as the foundation for a far more ambitious surround sound environment.

Having a suitable soundbar elevates your viewing and listening experience to new heights. The more exceptional sound quality you experience, the more engrossed you are in what you're viewing. To get the most out of your speakers, you don't need a crazy setup with subwoofers. Instead, your living room is transformed into a home theater with just one single speaker.

Are Soundbars without Subwoofers Good?

The best soundbar without a subwoofer is a good surround sound system despite the lack of deep bass. A soundbar's sound output at the very least exceeds that of your television. Finding a soundbar that does not have a big subwoofer can be difficult for people with limited space or who do not prefer a subwoofer.

The subwoofer in a surround sound amplifies the bass and sub-bass and extends the sound from the system. As a result, when most consumers buy soundbars, they expect one or two subwoofers. However, this isn't necessarily a must. The best soundbar is small enough to fit on the TV stand. It is capable of boosting frequencies in the midrange and high ranges.

Adding a subwoofer outside can help with lower frequencies, but it isn't always essential. If you want a soundbar, this list has a variety of options to pick from. All have elegant designs and exceptional sound quality, and none of them require the addition of a subwoofer. Therefore, in this guide, we've solely included the best soundbar without a subwoofer.

Are soundbars without subwoofers better?

The Best Soundbar without Subwoofer

1. Bose Solo 5 TV Soundbar Sound System with Universal Remote Control

Bose Solo 5 TV Soundbar Sound System with Universal Remote Control,...
  • Single sound bar provides better sound quality compared to your TV.The Solo 5 TV sound...
  • Dialogue mode to make every word and detail stand out
  • Bluetooth connectivity to wirelessly stream music from any of your devices
  • One connection to your TV. Optical audio input (digital); Coaxial audio input (digital);...
  • Universal remote controls TV, bass, Bluetooth connections and more

The Bose Solo 5 TV surround sound consists of a single soundbar that provides noticeably more detailed sound quality for all of your favorite TV shows. You can also listen to your favorite songs wirelessly, thanks to the built-in Bluetooth technology. The Bluetooth connectivity allows for streaming music from your phone, tablet, or computer wirelessly.

The Solo 5 TV sound system is a simple solution that uses innovative technology to create a crystal-clear sound that your TV cannot. You don't have to adjust the volume from scene to scene. Dialogue mode makes every word much easier to understand. TV, bass, Bluetooth connectivity, and more are all controlled by a single universal remote.

Enjoy distinct dialogue, rich soundtracks and effects, and deep bass with a sound that matches your HD vision. Because the soundbar is so versatile, you can place it wherever you want it. Near the TV, on a shelf, or even put directly on the wall with the optional WB-120 wall mount.

Connect the Bose soundbar to your TV through a standard audio cable, which can be optical, coaxial, or analogue, depending on your desire. The soundbar identifies the type of device you're using. Then, with the bundled universal remote control, you can operate your Blu-ray player and gaming system.

Control the system as well as most video sources linked to your TV with ease. For example, when you're watching TV, you sometimes need a little additional deep bass. You're in charge now. Press a button on the remote to raise or decrease the bass.


  • It is a compact soundbar that doesn't take up a lot of room
  • The Bose soundbar features cutting-edge technologies that produce a crystal-clear sound that your television can't
  • The Bluetooth allows you to stream music from any of your devices wirelessly
  • There is only one connection to your television; Coaxial, optical audio input or 3.5 mm aux input
  • The Bose soundbar is so versatile; you can place it wherever you want it or even put it directly on the wall with the optional WB-120 wall mount


  • After a certain distance, Bluetooth connectivity becomes unreliable

2. Majority Bowfell Small SoundBar for TV with Bluetooth

Majority 15 Inch Soundbar for TV, Bluetooth Sound Bar 50 Watts, Home...
  • 50 WATTS, DUAL STEREO, 15 INCH: The Majority Bowfell is a powerful 50 watt TV sound bar...
  • BLUETOOTH, EQ CONTROL, 5 AUDIO MODES: Our powerful 50 watt soundbar and speaker comes with...
  • AUX, OPTICAL, RCA, REMOTE CONTROLLED: Our sound bar has been designed with ease of use in...
  • COMPACT BUT MIGHTY: The Bowfell is a compact, slim audio sound bar device that fits...
  • TRUSTWORTHY AUDIO: Majority are a home audio brand with an experienced and friendly...

The Bowfell is a sleek and subtle soundbar that will appeal to the majority of enthusiasts. The Bowfell conserves significant room with its compact footprint, which is half the size of a normal soundbar. It provides rich and deep sound with its two stereo sound speakers and built-in subwoofer.

With the accompanying remote control, you can change the equalizer settings from one of three sound styles (Rock, Jazz, or Flat) at the touch of a button. First, you need to bring out your inner DJ. You can connect practically any device, old or new, to the Bowfell using one of five audio modes: Bluetooth, AUX, RCA, Optical, and USB.


  • The Bowfell can be connected to your devices via Bluetooth, Optical Input, or RCA Input, among other connectivity options.
  • It is equipped with simple remote control
  • Bluetooth, USB input, Optical input, RCA, and an AUX connection are just a few of the connectivity choices available on the Bowfell
  • Designed for the discerning audiophile, you can choose between three sound modes: music, movies, or dialogue
  • Its slim design is suitable for any desktop space, particularly dorm rooms for students
  • The Bowfell has a built-in subwoofer that delivers excellent cinematic sound


  • The Amazon Fire Stick remote is not compatible

3. Bestisan TV Soundbar with Dual Bass Ports Wired and Wireless Bluetooth

BESTISAN Soundbar, TV Sound Bar with Dual Bass Ports Wired HDMI and...
  • Room-filling sound: powerful speakers deliver a round, high-end audio experience for bed...
  • Enhanced bass: 3 inches full range drivers and dual bass ports that bring the richer and...
  • Multiple wireless and wired connections: easily connect to the sound bar via Bluetooth 5....
  • 3 different equalizer modes: fine tune your sound bar with 3 distinct equalizer modes...
  • Multiple Setups, multiple options: sits flat below the TV screen or securely mounts on the...

Bestisan TV soundbar with Bluetooth 5.0 wireless transmission. You can stream your favorite music wirelessly from your TVs, tablets, smartphones, and other Bluetooth-enabled devices. In addition, you can remove the wires and enjoy your music from anywhere in the room with a tap of your finger.

Exclusive Bass enhanced technology and two patented curved bass ports push the low end to new levels of clarity and intensity. In addition, enjoy unrivaled access with many connection ways available. The soundbar supports RCA, optical and auxiliary inputs, as well as Bluetooth connections, allowing you to connect most of your devices with ease.

Music is presented with thrilling highs and deep lows thanks to dual full-range drivers and a unique bass port. There is distortion canceling technology at high volumes, resulting in fantastic clarity. Bass and treble can be adjusted to match your preferred sound. Audio Memory settings revert to factory defaults. Audio with stirring highs and deep lows is presented through a fine-tuned Digital Signal Processor (DSP).


  • It is easy to set it up as it takes less than 10 minutes
  • The powerful soundbar provides a round, high-end audio experience for anyplace including your bedroom
  • Multiple wired and wireless connections are available such as Bluetooth 5. 0 or a regular audio cable
  • To match your favorite sound, you can fine-tune your soundbar with three unique equalizer modes through the remote control
  • For a clean, beautiful home entertainment setup, it rests flat below the TV screen or firmly mounts on the wall


  • It's roughly 4" tall, so if you're putting it on the same shelf as your TV, you might need to raise your TV a little, so the speaker doesn't obstruct the bottom of the screen

4. Sonos Beam Smart TV Soundbar with Amazon Alexa Voice Control Built-in

Sonos Beam - Smart TV Sound Bar with Amazon Alexa Built-in - Black
  • Beam - The smart, compact soundbar for TV, music, and more.
  • High definition sound - Experience rich, detailed sound for your TV that fills the entire...
  • TV, music and more - Play music, TV, movies, podcasts, radio, audiobooks and video games.
  • Easy control - Control Beam with your voice, remote, the Sonos app, and more.
  • Class 10 for Full HD video recording and playback (Full HD (1920x1080) video support may...

With Alexa voice control services, experience excellent sound while watching TV and movies, streaming music, listening to podcasts and audiobooks, or playing video games. Amazon Alexa comes pre-installed, allowing you to play music, check the news, set alarms, and more while remaining fully hands-free.

Beam won't hang off furniture or block the TV because it's only 25.6 inches long. With just two wires and automatic remote identification, you can go from unwrapping to listening in minutes. For surround sound speakers, you can add Sonos speakers or a Sonos external subwoofer for deeper bass. Connect to additional Sonos full-range speakers to get incredible sound in any room.

It has five dedicated drivers and HDMI ARC support, which makes it a more current soundbar. It has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities, allowing you to connect your system to the Sonos App and use Alexa voice control. In addition, you may connect directly to your Ethernet with the Sonos Beam. Connecting directly to your Ethernet gives a robust connection.


  • HDMI ARC, Ethernet, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth connectivity are all included
  • The Voice Enhancement feature aids in the optimization of dialogue output
  • Sonos Beam is a smart, portable soundbar for watching TV, listening to music, and more.
  • The sound is of high quality and fills an entire room
  • Voice controls, remote, the Sonos app, and other methods of control are all available
  • Sonos Beam won't block the TV because it's only 25.6 inches long
  • Simple setup with just two wires and automatic remote identification


  • There is no support for Dolby Atmos

5. Roku Smart Soundbar with Roku Voice Control Remote

Roku Smart Soundbar, 4K/HD/HDR Streaming Media Player & Exceptional...
  • Watch what you love: Upgrade your streaming with a massive selection of free, live, and...
  • Powerful 4K streaming: Stream what you love with the built-in Roku player, including free...
  • Premium sound: Enjoy a cinematic experience with expanded frequency range and dynamic bass...
  • Live TV without cable: Never miss the most talked-about events, award-winning shows, and...
  • Elevate your music: From pulsing rock to symphonies that surround you, enjoy your music in...

It produces exceptional sound and powerful 4K streaming. Any TV with an HDMI port may benefit from the great sound and strong streaming with the Roku Smart Soundbar. Stream great HD, 4K, and HDR content with sharp, clear conversation and dramatic bass in room-filling sound. Furthermore, the bundled voice control remote makes it simple to listen to music, find entertainment, and more.

Never miss out on the most talked-about events, award-winning shows, or new blockbuster releases. The smart soundbar is simple to stream your favorite shows and save money on cable. Live TV, news, sports, hit movies, popular series, and more are all available to stream. Plus, with hundreds of free channels to choose from, there's plenty to do without paying any money.


  • Improve your streaming experience with a huge selection of free, live, and premium TV to choose from
  • With the built-in Roku player, you can watch whatever you choose, including free TV Plus
  • Enjoy precise resolution and vibrant color in an HD, 4K, or HDR picture suited for your TV
  • It's simple to stream your favorite shows and save money on cable.
  • Tune in to your favorite music stations and use Bluetooth to stream music
  • The integrated smart soundbar remote turns on most TVs using your voice


  • It has no ethernet port

How to Select the Best Soundbar without Subwoofer

1. Sound

The sound is an essential aspect of many reviews. Dolby Digital sound is currently used in most movies. Hence the top soundbars use this technology. If your soundbar cannot decode Dolby digital audio, the audio may appear muffled in the space where it is projected. Check to see if the soundbar supports Dolby Atmos technology if you want outstanding sound.

Dolby Atmos is a full surround sound system that provides a superior digital audio experience in music, movies, television shows, and video games. If your soundbar doesn't have these features, pair it with a less expensive speaker.

Many soundbars maintain audio quality without Dolby Atmos by using multiple equalizers presets. You can choose between music and movie modes. Dialogue mode is available for speech enhancement on occasion, making it an excellent choice for movies.

These different equalizer modes are used to balance the frequency spectrum, especially in soundbars lacking a subwoofer. Sound modes are available on several soundbars. DTS TruVolume could also be present. A soundbar that can support DTS audio technology improves the sound quality of the home theater system. Built-in subs aren't as good as external subs, but it's a solid contender as long as the unit has top-notch features, Bluetooth, and HDMI inputs.

2. Dimensions and Design

Your soundbar and TV should ideally be the same length. However, identical measurements can be challenging to come by. Therefore, it is advisable to choose a soundbar that is a few inches smaller. However, if you get a soundbar that is too small, it may not improve the audio in the space.

A small or low-cost soundbar may have speaker design compromises, resulting in performance that falls short of expectations. A decent soundbar would be small and can be mounted on the wall or placed on the TV stand. It should match the rest of your living space. It should also be simple to set up the surround sound system.

3. Connection

Make sure that the connecting choices supplied by your soundbar are compatible with the audio input on your TV while shopping for new products. Inputs are typically found behind the soundbar, next to the power cable port. It's preferable to use an HDMI input or HDMI ARC for wired connections because these inputs can deliver high-quality audio frequencies with low lag.

Some multi-room soundbars offer numerous HDMI inputs rather than just one HDMI port, allowing you to connect more than just TVs. If not, a soundbar may be equipped with a digital optical cable, which transmits excellent sound. Aside from optical audio cable, there are RCA, aux, 3.5mm, and analog connections. USB may be included on a soundbar. However, it is primarily used for software updates.

Bluetooth connectivity is fantastic for streaming music, but more modern and more expensive soundbars also enable Wi-Fi. Bluetooth technology is becoming more widely used, and it's a simple method to connect. However, for full range and high-quality sound, full-range speakers with an HDMI audio cable are recommended. Whatever you're looking for, make sure to examine the possible connections between your soundbar and your television.

4. Channels

When shopping for a surround sound system, the number of channels in stereo speakers is just as significant as the audio technology. Therefore, the best soundbar without a subwoofer should still be an excellent surround sound system despite the lack of deep bass.

The industry standard for surround sound is 5 channels. It indicates there are left, right, center, subwoofer, and two rear satellite speakers to distribute sound in all directions. It makes use of your home's acoustics to bounce large sound and frequency ranges off the room's walls.

Many high-end soundbars come with five channels, which makes for a great entertainment center. Your sound system's stereo capability and full-range sound will improve as the number of channels increases. A soundbar may have two, three, five, or seven channels, while a home theater system can reach up to nine.

5. Controls

Many consumer gadgets will come with their own remote, while others can be set up to work with a universal remote to control various digital devices. For example, you can use your TV remote with your soundbar if it is universal.

If you lose the remote control, specific surround sound systems offer a control panel on the soundbar as a backup. A virtual remote control is also available from high-end speaker makers with suitable app integration. However, whatever you choose, be sure the unit is simple to operate.

6. Lightweight

A compact soundbar should be lightweight to make it easier to set up. It will be easy to wall mount it or place it on top of your TV this way. It should also be thin, so the sensor isn't obstructed when placed in front of the TV.

7. Wireless Capabilities

These methods connect soundbar models that allow wireless communication such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to your TV. You'll notice that Bluetooth is a prevalent one, and it can help you save room at home. In addition, when streaming music via mobile devices, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity are also beneficial.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

1. Are the Best Soundbars without Subwoofers better than TV Speakers?

The integrated TV speakers will not be able to provide the same immersive sound quality as a soundbar. Adding a soundbar to your television can offer you the movie experience without having to leave your home. The bass will be more powerful, and the sound will be clearer.

All of this is accomplished without the use of a wireless subwoofer. Most soundbars that lack subwoofers are perfectly capable of delivering this experience. The importance of sound cannot be overstated. Good sound can drastically transform your viewing and listening experience.

2. Does a Soundbar Require a Subwoofer?

You may be wondering how significant a subwoofer is if you have a soundbar or are considering purchasing one. Subwoofers are built into some soundbars. External subwoofer add-ons are available on some soundbars, while others lack subwoofers entirely.

So is a subwoofer required for a soundbar? A wireless subwoofer isn't required for a soundbar to sound well. Soundbars have several internal speakers that can generate fantastic sound on their own, but a subwoofer can aid with low frequencies that many soundbars can't.

3. What is the Benefit of the Best Soundbars without Subwoofers?

A soundbar, to be precise, is not the best option for a subwoofer experience. However, there are currently several soundbars that provide enough configuration to fulfill the needs of most consumers. The major benefit of a soundbar is that it is naturally light, thin, and portable. So installing extra subwoofers will be inconvenient, but the sound quality will depend on your living area.

4. When is a Subwoofer required for a Soundbar?

It is dependent on your requirements and financial constraints. For example, if you appreciate music and want to have the best theater experience possible, you should pair your soundbar with a subwoofer. However, if money is tight, a soundbar might still suit all of your audio needs.

A subwoofer, in all honesty, will be the aspect that allows you to hear the most accurate and complete sound. However, with today's technology, many quality audio equipment manufacturers have been able to produce excellent soundbars without using a subwoofer. And those soundbars are on the list we just gave you.

5. What's the Distinction between a Soundbar and a Subwoofer?

A soundbar is essentially a small speaker system. They're generally long and rectangular, and they're thin and light. They sit on your entertainment stand beneath your TV. Many of them are put below or above your TV. Meanwhile, a subwoofer falls in the category of loudspeakers. A subwoofer is in charge of generating low-pitched audio frequencies, which most speakers can't produce on their own.

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