Best Surround Sound Headphones to Buy in 2023

Michael Steffensky

If you are a surround sound system enthusiast, then investing in a pair of high-quality headphones is something that you might be considering. These are a more affordable option compared to surround sound speakers, which would probably be the first choice for any television or gaming enthusiast.

Surround sound headphones work by using a couple of in-cup speakers that are able to handle several different channels at a time. How do you know what pair is suitable for you, though?

That is something we will try to help you figure out by looking at our list of the best surround sound headphones. So, to get you started on your search for great surround sound headphones, keep reading! Let’s get to it!

Comparison Chart

Sony MDR-DS6500

Logitech G432 DTS:X 7.1

Razer Nari Ultimate

Surround Sound Headphones Reviews

Sony MDR-DS6500

If you are looking for a pair of headphones from a reliable brand and with an over-ear design, you are in the right place. More affordable than surround sound speakers, this model offers a full-on cinematic experience.


The first thing that you will love about these headphones is that you won’t have to bother with cluttered cables. The fact that these are wireless makes the MDR-DS6500 great for when you are on the go, as well as when you are about to enjoy your favorite movie or video game in the comfort of your home.

The 40mm drivers are responsible for clean audio and accurate echoes. Plus, you can automatically tune these to offer precise and reliable sound at a distance of up to 328 feet. That is mostly due to the 2.4 GHz transmission, which is considered to be the best solution when it comes to wireless headphones.

With an impedance of 66 Ohms, as well as a wide frequency response range that is set between 12,000 and 22,000 Hz, it is surprising that the MDR-DS6500 is such a budget-friendly choice. Furthermore, it offers up to 20 continuous hours of playtime.

In the end, although we are satisfied with most of the highlighted features, we aren’t that satisfied with the power of the bass. Other than that, there isn’t a lot to be said against this model given the fine price and great connectivity that this pair offers.


  • Reasonable price for good quality
  • Great connectivity to various devices
  • Over-ear design is comfortable and easy to fit
  • Clean audio - even frequency response
  • Automatic tuning based on audio


  • Very expensive

Logitech G432 DTS:X

While wireless headphones seem like the perfect solution for those who travel a lot, there are a couple of benefits to wired models, as well. This over-ear Logitech model can be connected with a 3.5mm jack, providing fantastic audio quality with 50mm drivers and 3D soundscape.


These headphones seem to be just perfect if you are a professional gamer. The Advanced DTS x 2:0 technology, along with the reliable drivers, ensures that you get an immersive experience that is up to the latest industry standards in terms of sound quality.

The key feature here has to be the 6mm flip that will allow you to have intuitive volume control, as well as the option to mute and unmute your mic depending on whether you want the other players to hear you or not. The leatherette pads that are featured in these headphones offer much-needed comfort for those long gaming sessions.

You can connect the Logitech G432 to any relevant device, including desktop and laptop computers, as well as tablets and smartphones. Once again, the bass isn’t impressive, but it is hard to replicate this aspect with headphones compared to what surround sound speakers offer.

Overall, you are looking at a fine pair of headphones that need a bit of improvement in terms of bass power, but other than that, they provide clean and precise audio that you will enjoy.


  • Incredibly comfortable for longer wearing
  • Easy to adjust for a custom fit
  • Good compatibility with devices
  • Clean and precise audio makes for easy listening


  • Low-quality bass response is muddy

Razer Nari Ultimate

Last on our list of the best surround sound headphones are these wireless headphones that come in a couple of different color variations - Classic Black, Classic Black/Green Edition, and Overwatch Lucio Edition. This model is one of the most attractive models out there, and it is highlighted by a chrome RGB system and a retractable mic.


When it comes to in-game accuracy and fantastic immersion, Razer did a fantastic job with this product. The design is quite impressive, as this headset is made to be adjusted according to the user.

Using the mic mute button, as well as the volume adjustment, you should be able to have relevant control over the team communication and game audio. Furthermore, the 16.8 million color combinations offered by the RGB system should add a creative and attractive appearance to your gaming/media setup.

We don’t have any complaints regarding audio quality, as the bass is quite powerful and the audio is clean and precise, but the mic could use some work. This shouldn’t be an issue for those of you who are planning to watch a movie, but for gamers, it can be quite a burden.

There is no doubt that the Razer Nari Haptic Headset is a great alternative to more expensive surround sound speakers, especially if you are looking to enjoy an immersive gaming experience.


  • Comfortable design can be worn for hours
  • RGB System for full, immersive sound
  • Powerful bass - ideal for dance music
  • Accurate audio response


  • Mic could use some work to better quality


In the end, it all comes down to what you are working with. If you have a limited budget and you don’t mind the somewhat weaker mic, the Razer Nari is the one you should go for. As an alternative, we would suggest the Sony MDRDS6500, which isn’t as good regarding the bass, but it still offers clean, accurate audio.

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