Brookstone Cat Ear Headphones Review-Cute, Clear, Affordable

Eric Chan

Ever since they appeared in Indiegog and people fell in love, everyone has been raving about the Brookstone headphones. The chick and cool cat ears make them stand out, but for some people, it's the LED colors that are the cherry on top of the cake. Whether you are a cat lover or not, these babies are bound to add that extra oomph to your outfit. Besides looking great, are these bad boys worth all the buzz they have been receiving, or are they just good looks? Let's find out.

Product features

  • External cat ear speakers 
  • Inline volume control buttons
  • Noise reduction properties 
  • Detachable mic for gaming
  • LED light on the cat ear speakers
  • USB charger 
  • 40 mm drivers


  • Great noise isolation Clear sound Sensitive mic.
  • Can pair with any device.
  • Color changing accent lights make them cool.
  • Have external speakers to make sharing easy.


  • They are big and bulky.
  • Not comfortable for extended use.

About the product 

While everyone has a love-hate relationship with cords, these cat ear headphones are worth your time because of a few reasons. First, they look pretty cool, and secondly, their features make the purchase worthwhile. To better understand what you will be getting, let's look at the headphone's features closely.

1. Sound quality

Whether you are listening to music or playing games, clear sound is vital. While listening to music, you get two options. 

Listen privately: The ear cups are cushioned and conform to the shape of your head, so they fit perfectly. This minimizes background noise, leaving rich, vibrant sound from your cat ear headphones. The frequency response is 20KHz, a 32Ohm impedance, and 40mm drivers. With these specs, you don't need high volume to kill ambiance noise.

Share music: The headphones switch from private to party-rocking mode sound systems easily. This simply means you can use external speakers to share music with friends and family. Although it cannot match your home sound system, the sound is decent enough and not static as is with some models. In fact, you can use fairly low volume, which is great. The frequency response is 200Hz-18KHz and 32mm drivers.

When it's time to play, simply plug in the detachable boom microphone and get to work.

2. Connectivity

As mentioned, you need a headphone cable to connect the Brookstone headphones to your device. While Bluetooth would have been nice to have, the cord is a good length, so it won't interfere with your activities. Also, there is an updated version of these cat ear headphones that has Bluetooth if this is an absolute necessity for you.

Once plugged in, the controls are somewhere between the headphones and your device. For some people, this is an advantage since you don't have to keep reaching your ears to control the headphones. However, this bothers some people as it's generally awkwardly placed.

Also, the cord goes to the left side, which may be weird for some people, although it's not a big deal. But, since it doesn't interfere with the devices working, it's trivial and can be ignored.

When fully charged, the battery can last at least five hours which isn't shabby. It takes around two to three hours to charge the headphone fully. When your headphones are running low, a small red light on the side comes on. The light stays on until the cat ear headphones are fully charged.

3. Look and feel

If you are going to spend money on an item, you should at least use it for a while before you go back to the shop. Luckily, the plastic on these headphones seems pretty durable, so you will be rocking your cat ear headphones for a while. The material doesn't scratch easily, which is great. 

The squishy part on the ear cups is also of high quality, although some users have reported that they get oily after using them for a while. This is to be expected, though, so nothing to be alarmed about. However, if you plan on using them for a long while, this may not be the best model for you since they are a bit heavy and bulky. With the features they have, it's easy to understand the bulkiness. 

The LED light comes in four major colors: purple, blue, white, and orange to match your mood and outfit. 

Top alternative

Cenci Moecen wireless cat ear headphones

These headphones have excellent sound quality, are durable, and are made with comfort in mind. If you find the Brookstone headphone a bit bulky, these would be a perfect alternative. Another unique feature is that you can remove the cat ears, which is a great addition if you are only interested in the crisp sound quality they offer. You also have Bluetooth, which makes it easy to pair with whichever device you prefer. Games who prefer the rich sound bass and noise cancellation will definitely enjoy these ones. 

Unlike the Brookstone headphones, however, the Censi Moecen wireless car ears don't come with a boom mic. So, the Brookstone headphones are still a better option for you when playing games or holding meetings. Lastly, they are also a little pricey compared to the Brookstone model. They take around two hours to charge fully and will serve you for close to ten hours when used continuously.


Generally, you get what you pay for with these cat ear headphones. Although they don't have the over-the-top features we see with other brands, they are definitely worth the price. If you need something cute, affordable, and functional, then you have yourself a winner.

Frequently asked questions

How do you use Brookstone headphones?

To turn on the Brookstone cat headphones, press and hold button 1 for about five seconds. You will see a red and blue LED light flash and hear a beeping sound. Once the red and blue light starts flashing alternately, your cat ear headset is ready to use.

How do you charge cat ear headphones?

Use the micro USB cable and connect it to the USB adapter. The headphone will charge fully in about three hours. The charging LED light indicator will remain red as the cat ear headphones charge but turn off once fully charged. 

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