Cowin Headphones Review – Should You Buy them or Not?

Eric Chan

Cowin headphones are some of the most decent headphones you will find in the market today. You can get superior active noise-canceling headphones with better sound quality than most options in the market. In addition, there are Cowin wireless headphones that give you tremendous convenience if you are someone who commutes a lot. However, the big question is, are Cowin headphones worth your money? This Cowin headphones review will tell you all you need to know about the brand and the specifications you should look at when buying the headphones.

Cowin Headphone Features

COWIN E7 Active Noise Cancelling Headphones with Bluetooth and Mic -...
  • Significant noise reduction for travel, busy office and anywhere in between.
  • 40mm big speaker drivers for deep, powerful sound for the music you love.
  • Lightweight, comfortable around-ear fit you can wear all day long.
  • Advanced Bluetooth 4.0 and NFC.
  • 30 Hours Playtime.

a) Battery Life

Cowin wireless Bluetooth headphones are very popular for one amazing feature, and that is the mindblowing amount of time you can continuously use the headphones. Cowin Bluetooth headphones are known to last for a whopping 30-hours before you need to recharge them again. Moreover, the battery life does not affect the performance of the headphones that have a superior sound quality compared to most headphones within the same range.

Apart from the good battery life, one other incredible feature is how fast the headphones charge. You can charge the battery for about ten minutes and get one hour of playback time, which is a decent amount of time. The fast-charging headphones ensure that you get a long battery life with only a few charging breaks in between. The Cowin wireless headphone has an 800mAh battery that will ensure your headphones stay on for extended periods.

The wireless headphones come fitted with a micro USB cable that makes charging the headphones a breeze. As a result, the wireless headphones will fit into your device ecosystem without disrupting your processes and systems. In addition, the longer battery life and the incredible battery power will ensure that you do not have to charge the wireless headphones every other time.

The batteries are built-in, making the headphones slightly heavy.

b) Noise Cancellation

The active noise cancellation feature is what most buyers are looking for currently. Headphones that will block ambient noise when commuting are in high demand, and Cowin headphones offer just that. The Cowin headphones handle background noise well, with their noise-canceling design will not let the airplane cabin noise or any other noises in. The sound isolation provided by the Cowin headphones is thanks to their noise dampening design that has been well thought out.

Cowin headphones have professional protein earpads that offer comfort and a decent noise reduction that you will need for critical listening. The earpads make the headphones comfortable for use over long periods. Your listening experience will be made better with these headphones.

c) Built-In Mic

Cowin headphones are all about convenience and comfort. The Bluetooth headphones have a built-in mic that works with Bluetooth-enabled devices to make your life easier. For example, you can answer your phone calls while easily navigating the city traffic. In addition, you can focus on other activities knowing that your hands are free, adding to your convenience as you go about your daily activities.

The Cowin wireless headphones are voice optimized to make speaking easy while providing great sound quality that ensures you do not strain when listening to the person on the other line.

d) Wireless Connectivity

There are some features you can expect on a wireless headphone set. First, the headphones will have a built-in battery. A wireless headphone needs a battery because no cable transmits the audio signal to your ears. Secondly, the headphones will have a connection mechanism called Bluetooth connectivity. Bluetooth headphones are currently the go-to headphones by most people because of the independence it offers you. The audio cable is known to tether the listener to the audio source, while Bluetooth sets you free.

The one thing to look out for when buying Bluetooth headphones is the range. The maximum distance over which the headphones can connect to the device is the most important question to ask. The Cowin headphones can transmit sound over a distance of 15 meters, which is incredible. You could not possibly find an audio cable that is 15 meters long. The range is unmatched and very convenient as you would not normally need to be 15 meters from your device.

e) Portability

We bring our headphones with us everywhere we go. For this reason, the size and weight of the headphone are one of the main considerations when buying a set of headphones. Noise-canceling headphones tend to have a bulky build, and Cowin headphones are no exception. The Cowin e7, for instance, has a large body that does a good job of providing great sound quality and active noise cancellation. However, the headphones better stay on your head if you want to transport them conveniently. The Cowin e7 headphones do not have a foldable design to save space when transporting the set.

The one feature that you can count on is that the Cowin e7 ear cups lay flat, making it possible to hang them around your neck with ease. But, of course, the ear cups are only advantageous when hanging the headphones around your neck. Keeping the headphones in your bag with other items might be a bit of a hassle.

f) Frequency Response

Frequency response is the way to know whether a set of headphones has a mediocre sound quality or not. Cowin headphones range between 20 kHz and 20 Hz, which is decent audio quality. Given the quality of the ear pads, you can be sure that the bass will be properly boosted, and you can enjoy your music. In addition, you will enjoy the whole range because of the active noise canceling feature of the headphones, letting you hear the crispest of sounds.

While the frequency response is commendable, these headphones might not be the ones if you are looking for mixing headphones. You will need a headphone with a flat response if you need headphones for professional purposes. Cowin headphones are meant for more casual listeners. The headphones do not have eq settings, neither is there an app for the headphones that could take care of that challenge.

g) Build Quality

Cowin headphones are of great build quality in terms of materials and durability. However, the headphones have a tight fit that might not be very comfortable for some people. However, the tight fit can be an advantage to those who want the environment to be strongly subdued by the Cowin headphones. The active noise-canceling headphones block all the noise using the thick ear pads on the cups. The depth created by the earpads makes it very comfortable for whoever is wearing the headphones. The faux leather earpads do a great job of making the headphones perfect for use in a place like a busy office because of how effectively they block outside noise.

The Cowin e7 has a button layout that some users feel a bit cramped. However, the buttons are responsive and easy to master with time. The volume buttons' placement may feel odd compared to other headphones. At least you can be sure of the volume changes because of the active noise-canceling headphones that do a perfect job at keeping you hooked only on the music you are listening to. You will not have to be bothered about those around you because there will be no sound leak from the headphones.

Frequently Asked Questions About Cowin Headphones

1. Do Cowin Headphones have App Support?

Most wireless headphones have app support that you can download on your phone to improve the audio quality and EQ the songs according to your preferences. Therefore, you would expect headphones like the Cowin e7 to have app support, but unfortunately, that is not the case. While the Cowin e7 is such an affordable pair, it would have been great if app support made the experience a more personalized one.

Having no app support means that you do not have control over many things remotely. For example, you can not control the mic levels from your phone, which is a feature that you would need. Button mapping on the headphones would be a challenge as you would need an app to do that. You, therefore, have to use the buttons as they have been assigned. You can not equalize the headphones and can only hope that the next song sounds just as you like it.

2. Are Cowin Headphones Gaming Headphones?

The deep nature of the Cowin e7 ear pads makes the headphones very quiet, which is ideal for gaming. You will get the same experience with the Cowin e7 pro. However, while you can be assured of an immersive gaming session, you can get better headphones for gaming because of a few drawbacks that Cowin e7 pro and the Cowin e7 have. The headphones have a long-lasting battery life, which is another reason why they could be great for use as gaming headphones.

Gaming involves the use of the microphone. Since the Cowin e7 or the Cowin e7 mics are built-in, you will have the worst time using the mics for gaming. When gaming, the sounds from the game will make your voice inaudible, making the mic pointless to use when gaming. While the headphones are more affordable than other headphones, you might not need them for online gaming. If your headphone budget is tight, you can use Cowin, but not depend on the mic.

3. Can I Use the Cowin Headphones As Studio Headphones?

Cowin headphones are not the best option for use as studio headphones. The headphones have a decent overall response but are not good for mixing or mastering. While the headphones have low leakage and would be perfect for tracking, they are wireless. If the headphones have an aux jack, then you are in luck. If not, you will have to look for other studio headphones for tracking. There are no reliable ways of tracking using wireless headphones. You do not need any form of intentional delay when recording tracks.

The frequency range of the Cowin e7 or the Cowin e7 pro is between 20KHz and 20Hz, making the headphones not suitable as mixing headphones. While the mid-range frequencies might be sorted, the very important low frequencies will be left out when using headphones.

4. Can I Use Cowin Headphones in the Gym?

When you handle the Cowin e7 or the Cowin e7 pro for the first time, they feel substantially tough. The headphones have a body that will fit perfectly on your head. The headphones will hold on through a mild jog without falling off when put through rocking motion. In addition, the headphones are noise-canceling, making them ideal for use in a public environment to keep off any distractions.

Final Take

Cowin headphones are the perfect headphone for the casual listener. If you are someone who goes out in public spaces frequently and would love to stay immersed in your world, these are the headphones for you. The headphones will give you value for your money by giving you an immersive experience with comfort that you will not find in other headphones. Cowin headphones look great and have a durable design. You can count on the headphones to serve you for the next few years.

The one thing that the Cowin headphones have gotten right and are famous for is the active noise canceling feature. The headphones have noise cancellation capabilities that surpass most of the headphones in the market. As a result, when you are immersed in your headphones, you can hear an audio quality close to what the audio is intended to sound like. Since the headphones are meant for the casual listener, no one has to worry about exaggerated low frequencies. In addition, you will not worry about dark sound because of the upgraded design in the latest Cowin design.

If you wonder whether Cowin headphones are worth buying, yes, they are. Cowin headphones sound great for their price and have features above industry standards.

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