How To Connect Wireless Headphones To PS4

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Connecting an audio device to your PS4 allows you to immerse yourself in the gaming experience fully. Gaming audio devices range from wired headphones to Bluetooth headphones and wireless headphones. However, this article is specific for anyone who wants to know how to connect wireless headphones to PS4.

Wireless headphones have several advantages over their wired counterparts, including that you're not tethered to a certain diameter. This, in addition to great gaming audio, makes using headphones a better route than playing out through the speakers.

Unfortunately, PS4 bears compatibility issues when connecting regular headsets to your console. While these issues are frustrating, we will show you four easy ways to work around them. In turn, you will enjoy your gaming experience without disturbing people around you.

First, let's see why the PS4 compatibility issues are there in the first place.

Why Are Bluetooth Headphones Not Supported by PS4?

While PS4 does indeed have Bluetooth capabilities, the major downside is that it doesn't support all wireless Bluetooth headphones and audio devices. The Bluetooth capabilities are primarily reserved for connecting your PS4 Dual Shock controllers with the help of the built-in share button.

Sony's PS4 does not support Bluetooth devices to enhance the user's experience. By not supporting the Advanced Audio Distribution Profile(A2DP), PS4 ensures that you don't experience delayed sound effects. This is because A2DP and other Bluetooth profiles have about 100ms + lag in the audio.

Delayed sound is a major downside for any gamer. This is because your gaming performance is highly dependent on the sound, whether you are communicating with your teammates or listening to the enemy's footsteps.

That said, PS4 supports two branded wireless Bluetooth headphones. If you have Sony-compatible headphones, we will show you how to connect them to your PS4. In addition, we will share valuable tips on how to connect unsupported wireless Bluetooth headphones to ensure you enjoy console gaming.

Let's get started.

How to Connect Supported Wireless Headphones to PS4

If you have a compatible Bluetooth headset made specifically for PS4, you can connect it to your console using the following steps. If you're unsure if Sony supports your Bluetooth headset, be sure to check the package details for confirmation. Nonetheless, it won't hurt to try and configure the settings.


  1. Ensure that your Bluetooth device is charged. Then, you can connect it to your PS4 using a USB cable that came in the package.

  2. Power on your Bluetooth headset and activate the pairing mode to start connecting. You will know that your Bluetooth device has successfully connected when the flashing blue light becomes a solid blue.

  3. Go to the Settings option on your PS4 and select Devices. On the Devices options, click on the Bluetooth Devices.

    select bluetooth devices
  4. The PS4 will search for nearby Bluetooth devices. Once you see the name of your Bluetooth headset, click on it.

  5. Wait for several seconds for the Bluetooth devices to connect.

  6. If the connection is successful, you can play games with your headset.

Unfortunately, if you see a message like "Can't connect to the Bluetooth device within the time limit" or "Bluetooth audio devices are not supported aren't supported by the PS4," you will have to try other methods below.

How To Connect Regular Bluetooth Headphones To PS4

The methods below work for regular Bluetooth devices that Sony does not support.

1. Using USB Adapters

You can use a USB Bluetooth adapter to connect Bluetooth headphones to PS4. This method is relatively easy and you will only need a Bluetooth USB adapter.


  1. Put the USB adapter in the PS4 USB slot.

  2. Turn on your Bluetooth headset.

  3. Go to Settings, Devices, then Audio Devices on the PS4 main menu.

    devices page
  4. Select the Output Device, then USB Headset.

    output device page
  5. Go to the Volume Control option to adjust it to either medium or louder, depending on your preferences.

  6. Click the Output to Headphones, then select All Audio.

  7. Try playing a game to see if your Bluetooth devices are connected.

2. Using Dongles

Investing in a dongle is key if you want to connect Bluetooth headphones for an impeccable gaming experience. You can go for a USB dongle and a wireless mic separately. However, nowadays, most dongles come with the microphone together; hence, there's no need to buy them separately.


  1. Plug the USB Bluetooth adapter into your PS4. Then, wait for the USB dongle to enter pairing mode.

  2. Power on your Bluetooth headset and let it pair with your PS4. You will notice the flashing blue turn into solid blue if the pairing is successful.

  3. Insert the 3.5mm microphone jack into your PS4 controller.

  4. Press the dongle button to turn it on.

  5. Move your headset closer to the dongle and wait for the two Bluetooth devices to connect.

  6. Go to the Main Menu on your PS4 and click on Settings.

    main menu
  7. Select Devices, Audio Devices, then click on the Input Device option. Next, proceed to the Headset Connected to Controller option.

  8. Click on the Output Devices below, then choose the USB Headset.

    click on output devices
  9. Adjust the volume under the Volume Control option.

  10. Click on Output to Headphones, then All Audio. Next, try playing a game to check if your Bluetooth headsets work.

3. Using a PS4 Controller

Another method to connect Bluetooth headphones to PS4 is using your PS4 controller and an audio cable. You will need to ensure that the audio cable has a built-in microphone. In addition, you will find that most Bluetooth headsets include this cable in the package.

This method will let you use your Bluetooth headset wired to the controller. Follow the steps below to get started.


  1. Use the audio cable to connect your Bluetooth headset to the PS4 controller.

  2. Power on the Bluetooth headsets.

  3. Go to the PS4 home menu and click on Settings.

  4. Click Devices, select Bluetooth Devices.

    select bluetooth devices
  5. From the list, select the name matching your Bluetooth headset to activate.

  6. Go back to the Devices menu and select Audio Devices.

  7. Click on Output Device. Then Headset Connected to Controller. Be sure to adjust the volume on the Volume Control option.

  8. Select Output to Headphones then All Audio.

  9. Play a game to test the connection.

4. Remote Play App

The PS4 remote play app gives you access to your console through a WiFi connection. This method uses your phone as the controller and ensures communication through the phone's microphone.

While this method is worth a try, especially if you don't want to use Bluetooth dongles, the downside is that it may not work for some devices and games. For this reason, check that your phone is Android version5.0 or iOS version 12.1 and up before getting started.


  1. Download and install the PS4 Remote Play app from App Store or Google Play store.

  2. On your PS4, navigate to the Settings option to enable the app. Next, go to the Remote Play Connection Settings in the Settings Menu, then Enable Remote Play.

  3. Select the Add Device option, then Code. You will see an 8-digit code on the screen.

  4. Open the PS4 remote play mobile app on your phone and enter the code to register your device.

You may experience slight lagging in audio and gameplay when using this method. However, this will depend on your phone's specs and network connection speed.

How To Connect Wired Headphones To PS4

This section covers how to connect compatible wired headphones and to connect unsupported wired headphones. Keep reading if you want to find out how to link these Bluetooth headphones to PS4.

i). Compatible Wired Headphones

Follow the steps below to connect compatible wired headphones to PS4.


  1. Power on your PS4. Using the controller, go to the Settings page on the main menu.

  2. Select the Devices option and click on the Audio Devices.

    devices page
  3. Connect your wired Bluetooth headset to the controller.

  4. Go to the Output Device page and select Headset Connected to Controller.

  5. Go back to Audio Devices and click on Adjust Microphone Level.

  6. Return to the Audio Devices page using the back button, click Output to Headphones, and select All Audio.

ii). Unsupported Wired Headphones

Smartphone headphones use Open Mobile Terminal Platform(OMTP) or Cellular Telecommunications and Internet Association(CTIA). The steps below will come in handy if you want to connect unsupported Bluetooth headphones.


  1. Go to the Settings menu on your PS4.

    main menu
  2. Click Devices, then Audio Devices.

  3. Use an OMTP or CTIA converter to connect your headphones. Then, plug the converter into your PS4 controller.

  4. Click on Output Device, then select Headset Connected to Controller.

  5. Go to Audio Devices, then Adjust Microphone Level to check if the microphone is working. Next, use the slider to adjust the microphone's input level.

  6. Return to the Audio Devices page and select Output to Headphones. Finish by clicking the All Audio option.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you use AirPods on PS4?

Sony does not support AirPods and other Bluetooth audio devices with A2DP. However, you can use a third-party Bluetooth adapter to connect to your PS4. In addition, you can use the Bluetooth adapter to connect various Bluetooth devices like Bluetooth speakers.

2. Do you need PS4 gaming headphones?

Gaming headphones are a must-have to immerse yourself in the gaming experience fully. In addition, you need to have supported Bluetooth devices for PS4 gaming. This could either be a compatible wired or wireless headset.

Fortunately, you can also connect non-compatible wired headphones to your PS4 for an enjoyable gaming experience. Although PS4 gaming headphones are not a must-have for casual gamers, investing in a pair will change your gameplay for the better.

3. Does PS4 have Bluetooth?

Yes. The Sony PS4 has Bluetooth connectivity. However, the major problem is that it doesn't support most Bluetooth devices. The reason for this is to prevent audio lagging brought about by A2DP audio streaming Bluetooth profiles.

However, as you can see from this article, there are several ways to solve the PS4 compatibility issues, including using an audio cable, Bluetooth dongle or USB adapter. In addition, you can use the PS4 remote play app to enjoy gaming on your phone.

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