Shure srh1540 Closed Back Headphones Review

Eric Chan

The Shure srh1540 premium is comfortable, durable, and professional studio headphones that deliver outstanding performance to musicians and audiophiles audio engineers. Shure have 85 years of audio experience, and the headphones have passed through even more expert hands, giving out a warm bass and clear extended highs. Let us look at some of the features that make it the ultimate closed-back headphones to go for.

Shure SRH1540 Premium Closed-Back Headphones with 40mm Neodymium...
  • 40 mm neodymium drivers deliver superior acoustic performance for an expansive soundstage...
  • Closed-back, circumaural design rests comfortably over the ears and reduces background...
  • Lightweight construction featuring aircraft-grade aluminum alloy yoke and carbon fiber cap...
  • Steel driver frame with vented center pole piece improves linearity and eliminates...
  • Refer user manual for troubleshooting steps

Shure srh1540 Features

1. Build Quality

The Shure srh1540 has a lightweight body construction featuring an aircraft-grade aluminum alloy yoke that provides tensile strength than other materials. The headphones can withstand a good amount of stretching while recovering to their original form. Background noise is significantly reduced due to the closed-back headphones' circumaural design, ideal for use in the studio. The srh1540 design also ensures unparalleled comfort to the ears while delivering an outstanding sound quality. The closed-back design has a carbon fiber cap for improved durability of the headphones. The headphones have a lightweight, padded headband that is fully adjustable due to its ergonomic dual-frame and carbon fiber construction. Low-density memory foam conforms and lays lightly on the head for extra comfort. The srh1504 driver frame has a center pole piece that enhances its linearity, reducing reverb tails for consistency through all listening levels.

2. Cables

The set has a dual-exit cable that will ensure years of listening enjoyment. Each cable is 6ft (1.8m) long for ease of movement in a studio setting. The oxygen-free copper cable (OFC) has a Kevlar-reinforced jacket for durability and superior performance. The cables are detachable, adding confidence in the headphones as you would not need to buy a new one because of a faulty cable. The Shure srh1540 eighth-inch (3.5 mm) stereo mini-jack plugs are gold plated mmcx connectors, reducing corrosion which could cause nonlinearity and signal resistance. The headphones come with a replacement cable that you can swap if one gets spoiled.

3. Ear Pads

Studio headphones have ear pads in many shapes and sizes. Being two of the essential pieces on your, Shure srh1540 premium went all out to design comfortable, durable ear pads. A good set of pads will ensure maximum sound isolation, comfort and safety of your ears. The replaceable earphones have both Alcantara and low-density slow recovery foam for an exceptional experience.

Alcantara ear pads will withstand a more rigorous day-to-day use and maintain their grip, staying put during critical listening. The pads complete the well thought out cups which wrap nicely around the ears, ensuring no leaks during tracking or studio use. The pads, coupled with the collapsible headband, will fit just right. The headphones come with an extra replacement set of ear pads that can be used conveniently, especially during the pandemic. The ear pads enjoy positive reviews, and srh1540 has gained a lot of stars because of that.

4. Frequency Response

Sound is created by waves within a frequency range perceivable by the human ear. The Shure srh1540 has a frequency range of 5Hz to 25kHz, which is way beyond the audible range of 20Hz to 20kHz, making it the perfect studio headphones for mixing and tracking. This range makes it possible for the headphones to deliver an accurate bass response and clear highs. For its price point, the closed-back headphones are more incredible than most brands in audio performance.

5. Driver

A driver is a component that converts the electrical signal into sound. The drivers have a magnet, voice coils and a diaphragm. The srh1540 has 40mm neodymium drivers, which enhance the headphone amp, producing clear extended highs and a warm bass for an expansive soundstage. The driver size makes listening to low frequencies easier, giving an incredible sound monitoring experience. However, the sub-bass frequencies might be a little challenging to achieve for srh1540.

Shure srh1540 Accessories

The srh1540 comes with a few accessories upon shipping, including;

  • Storage case
  • Alcantara ear pads replacement set
  • Quarter-inch threaded adapter
  • Replacement Dual-exit detachable cable

Shure srh1540 Best Practice

Whenever you use headphones, you need to mind the safety of both your ears and device. Below are some tips to ensure the durability of both.

1. Storage

You will not be using your closed-back headphones every single minute of the day. You will need to keep them in a storage case. Tracking headphones that are not in use in the studio will not catch any dust or risk damage when kept safely in its case. The storage case has a soft interior in which the headphone set fits.

2. Dealer

Pay attention to the dealer from whom you will get your product. Use only credible and well-known stores for any purchases. Note that some dealers still sell the srh1540 in its old packaging. Always check if every content you have ordered is in your shipping. Compare the price on the site with other stores before making any transaction. Check out the reviews on the site and the number of stars the product has before choosing to get it.

3. Sound

Be aware of the type of sound you are going for. The good news is, Shure srh1540 will provide the desired sound. Look for information on the best use case to help you achieve a more optimum headphones experience during media playback. Know the headphone capabilities. You can achieve very low bass frequencies and clear highs. Mixing bass is usually more challenging to do in headphones. The srh1540 is meant just for that.

4. Transport

For its price, the headphones need to stay in their travel case. The material used in a transport case is strong enough to protect the headphones from external damage during travel. You can choose to have it on your head as you move around without any challenges due to its lightweight, 64 grams lighter than its audio Technica counterparts.

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