Shure Wireless Earbuds For Deep Bass & Excellent Sound

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Shure AONIC 215 TW2 True Wireless Sound Isolating Earbuds with...
  • Note : If the size of the earbud tips does not match the size of your ear canals or the...
  • AWE-INSPIRING, TRUE WIRELESS AUDIO - Clear sound and deep bass. Engineered from decades of...
  • SWEAT & WATER RESISTANT - Sweat and water resistant with an IPX4 Rating. Designed to pass...
  • SECURE FIT - Secure, close-fit design. Built with the same low-profile design musicians...
  • SOUND ISOLATING TECHNOLOGY & ENVIRONMENT MODE - Sound Isolating technology blocks up to 37...

As the days keep moving, most pro audio companies are getting serious bout manufacturing consumer-focused products, where Shure is one of the most popular companies. Not long ago, Shure was unknown to individuals who hadn't stepped into a music studio, but nowadays, it has gained popularity since it builds all sorts of consumer and prosumer products. For example, Shure's first True wireless earbuds feature an innovative design, and they stay true to the company's in-ear monitor heritage.

The AONIC 215 True Wireless Gen 2 are Shure's newest true wireless earbuds. They combine Shure True Wireless Secure Fit Adapter Gen 2 and the entry-level SE215 earbuds. The components were developed for the pros and for a precision-engineered sound that combines clarity with a deep bass where you get to hear the high lows and everything between. Read on to learn if the Shure wireless earbuds are the best for you, their pros, cons and features.

1. Packaging

Shure AONIC 215 TW2 comes in packaging about four times larger than it could be, where most of the box is just a space. In the box, you get AONIC 215 detachable Sound Isolating Earphones, a charging case, True Wireless Secure Fit Adapter set, a tool for removing ear wax and three pairs each of silicone and foam ear tips. There is also a short USB-C cable provided for charging.

2. Design

Shure AONIC 215 TW2 earbuds are worn over the ear because of their hooked design and also have an added bulk of the technology packed into a bulbous part hidden behind your ear. The Shure true wireless sound isolating earphones are part of a two-part design.

First, the True Wireless Adapter, where the adapters have rubbery stalks that sit over your ear with a bulbous unit hanging at the back. It is an awkward design that isn't attractive to everyone from an aesthetic view. However, it is less visually bulky than other competing headphones that deliver premium listening but look more like a hearing aid.

At the end of the adapter, there is a single large button that is easy to operate and one of the favorite things about this design. In addition, the adapters have a standard MMCX connector which is among the two connectors used by wired earbuds and since all of Shure's earphones use MMCX, it is not a surprise.

The adapter also comes with an SE215 pre-attached in the case where the Shure SE215 earbuds have a cable-up design in a small boy, which is common for professional earbuds. In addition, because of the MMCX connector, these earbuds can spin freely when attached.

3. Performance

a). Audio/ Sound quality

Shure AONIC 215 TW2 earbuds have a good sound, and that shouldn't come as a surprise since the core component of the earbuds, SE215 earbuds, are sold as wired earbuds. The 215 true wireless sound quality and profile are familiar where the sound signature is slightly warm and somehow dark, and it emphasizes deep bass and less on the treble region.

The wireless sound isolating earphones are more biased towards the upper and mid-bass region, and there's a slight bump that adds a hint of boominess to the bass, but it does get overbearing. However, the lower bass doesn't have the impact you would like and lacks the extreme low-end rumble but has an overall bass response that is warm and punchy.

The Shure sound isolating earphones allow a user to own their audio space thanks to the sound isolating design that eliminates any distractions and activates the environment mode allowing you to hear with a touch of a button.

b). Microphone

The performance of Shure Aonic is not the best, but they are okay for occasional voice calls but are not the best if you are looking for the best call quality.

c). Latency

Shure AONIC 215 true wireless earbuds have a good latency performance for watching content. While playing back videos on Netflix or Youtube, the audio latency was low enough but not noticeable. However, the audio latency was noticeable in gaming, even in casual games, and they are not the best for gaming.

d). Connectivity

Shure Aonic 215 True wireless earbuds have a reliable connectivity performance, and the connection break and even falter. In addition, the wireless sound isolating earphones have a stable connection and greater power efficiency than Bluetooth 4.0 Shure products.

AONIC 215 Shure earphones are stacked with Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, and they also support AAC, SBC AND Qualcomm aptX codecs, but there isn't multi-device pairing functionality. However, you will appreciate high-quality wireless playback whether you are using an iOS or an Android smartphone.

The AONIC 215 Earphones feature a detachable Shure sound isolating connection that can attach to different cable accessories and stay connected to any device, even the airplane entertainment systems. In addition, there is no audio lag when watching videos, and if you are someone who enjoys watching Youtube videos, this will be handy.

e). Noise cancellation and transparency

Aonic 215 True Shure wireless earbuds don't include active noise cancellation even though the passive noise isolation is terrific. As a result, you can struggle to hear someone talking to you when they are standing next to you, and ambient noises such as the TV or an air conditioner will be inaudible.

Notably, the passive isolation is better than some active noise-canceling earbuds in the market thanks to the high-quality silicone and foam tips bundled up with the earbuds, and they create a great seal. In addition, the earbuds have a transparency mode, and even though it's not the most natural-sounding transparency mode, it gets the job done.

4. Comfort

Shure AONIC 215 TW2 is a comfortable pair of earbuds where the earbuds are quite small and will be comfortable even inside small ears. When combined with the pre-installed foam tips, you can wear them for hours at a go without experiencing discomfort.

However, the adapters can get in the way a little bit as they occupy space above and behind your ears, which can be a hassle, especially when wearing masks. Also, it's important to note that sunglasses have to sit on top of the adapter for anyone who wears spectacles and sunglasses.

All in all, Shure AONIC 215 Gen 2 is comfortable where the issue is with the form factor, and Shure has tried to change it to an extent by making the stalks thin and also placing the electronics inside the rounded portion.

5. Software and Features

The True earbuds link with the ShurePlus Play app is available on iOS and Android devices. The companion app allows a user to adjust how the controls on the side will work, update firmware, adjust the EQ, and the ShurePlus Play app is also a music player, and you can play any local audio files you have.

Notably, the companion app loses the connection when it's suspended for too long and even though it doesn't affect the headset's functionality as any changes you make are saved on the earbuds. However, it causes you to wait for the application to discover the earbuds the next time you open them.

The app also has a transparency mode, but these earbuds don't have active cancellation, but they work as they would on any other device. In addition, Shure allows you to adjust the strength of the feature and also, the companion equalizer works in the app with music on your smartphone and not with music streaming services.

The earbuds will automatically engage in transparency when you hit the pause button, and it will turn off when you play. However, you will have to pause and play from the buttons on the adapters and not from the paired device for this to work. In addition, due to the design, the earbuds don't have an in-ear detection feature that automatically pauses when you remove them.

6. Battery Life

Shure AONIC 215 TW2 has a battery rating of 8 continuous hours of audio playback, which has become the standard for the latest Bluetooth 5.0 true wireless earbuds. In addition, Aonic 215 earphones have a charging case that will give you three additional charges for a total of 32 hours. However, aside from the battery life, the buds automatically turn off when placed in the charging case, and you will have to turn each one of them on manually. Aonic doesn't mention what codec is used to achieve the figure, but it's usually AAC or SBC.

7. Controls

Shure AONIC 215 Gen 2 earphones have physical buttons. Even though the controls are quite limited initially, they could be expanded through software upgrades that allow customization to the right and left earbud controls. However, currently, there is no way to advance the tracks, and there are no volume controls.

In addition, when launching, you can pause and play your music and also answer and end your calls with a single press. A triple press will activate your device's voice assistant, and double pressing the right or left control button will activate the transparency to allow you to hear what is going on around you.

8. Water Resistance Rating

The Shure wireless noise-canceling headphones are also IPX4 rated, meaning they have been tested for water resistance.

Who Should Purchase the Shure AONIC 215?

As much as Aonic 215 Gen 2 will sound great, some individuals will benefit more than others, including:

  • Anyone who already owns Shure in-ears. Since the true wireless adapters are compatible with any Shure earbuds because the adapters and earbuds share the same MMCX connectors
  • All fans of the Shure SE215 and will appreciate not having to change their appearance without the huge wireless dongle or physical plug.
  • People are looking for the best sounding wireless buds, while the earphones will have disadvantages, and sound quality is not among them.

How To Pair the Shure AONIC 215?

Connecting to the Shure Aonic 215 is usually simple:

1. Remove the earbuds from the carrying case

2. Press your right adapter button to power your right earbud on

3. Wait for the Aonic 215 to appear in the Bluetooth section of the source device where you select to initiate pairing

4. When you hear the voice prompt say "connected" and power on their left earbud

5. The left bud then automatically connects to the right earbud, and you will be ready for playback

How Long Do Batteries Last on the Aonic 215?

Shure Aonic 215 true wireless sound isolating earbuds last for about 8 hours which is exactly 7 hours, 5 minutes of constant playback. This number is achieved by playing music at 75dB(SPL) output until the battery dies.

Even though the measurement will fall short of the eight-hour playtime, you will likely reach the mark if you listen to low volumes.

In addition, the case charges through a USB-C and will give you three additional charge cycles before it needs you to recharge. You can check how much juice is remaining by pressing the indicator button on the back of the charging case. In addition, there has not been a mention of fast charging on the product's page or in the Aonic 215 paperwork.


  • Comfortable
  • Great audio quality with clear highs and rich lows
  • High-quality ear tips will provide a fantastic passively block, and they ensure you get a tight seal
  • Top-notch app with a class-leading EQ that allows you to customize your environment mode levels
  • The modular design will provide easy upgrade and replacement options
  • Detailed and accurate sound quality with a tight bass and a transparency mode
  • Water-resistant design
  • Detachable Bluetooth module
  • Customizable controls
  • Bluetooth 5.0, aptX and AAC8 hours battery life with three additional charges from a charging case, and this gives a total of 32 hours
  • Great call quality even though the sound is only mono for calls
  • Environment mode where you get to hear the outside world with a touch of a button
  • Shure SE215 earbuds are included, but you can attach other Shure earbuds as they are compatible


  • No wireless charging, and the charging case is cumbersome
  • Poor latency for gaming
  • Mediocre microphone performance
  • Clunky design when compared to other products
  • Mono voice calls, meaning the sound only comes from the right earbud
  • Lacks volume controls, and also, you cant skip between songs

Frequently Asked Questions on the Shure Wireless Earbuds

1. What is the difference between Shure Aonic 3 and Shure Aonic 4 Earphones?

Shure Aonic 4 sound isolating earphones have a dual-driver hybrid design tuned specifically for detailed sound and distinct musical elements. On the other hand, Shure Aonic 3 isolating earphones have a good definition and a unique full-range sound in the smallest design from Shure.

2. How is the sound signature of Aonic 50 headphones compared to Aonic 215 wireless sound isolating earphones?

Aonic 215 earphones deliver an immersive sound that will transform your commute into a full-blown concert and your work out into a discovery of interesting musical dimensions. On the other hand, AONIC 50 Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones are engineered from decades of stage and studio experience, and the AONIC 50 Headphones deliver premium listening with exceptional comfort and durability.

                                                                                    Image Source: engadget.com

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