Best Soundpeats Bluetooth Headphones for Better Audio

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In the world of headphones, the Soundpeats Bluetooth headphones are relatively not a new product. Although there are a number of other Bluetooth headphones manufactured by other companies, they didn't become popular as the Soundpeats ones. Soundpeat has been around for quite some time but is still among the best headphones on the market.

Which is the best sound peats?

They not only have a range of colors and styles but also come at an affordable price. They are perfect for anyone searching for a device that sounds good but doesn't cost a lot. In this post, you'll find a review of the top Soundpeats headphones in the market today and also a buying guide to ensure you find one that matches your needs.

Are Soundpeats Bluetooth Headphones Really Good?

Soundpeats headphones deliver a great balance between quality and price since they provide a good sound quality on a budget. These headphones come with amazing features like Bluetooth, noise cancellation, built-in mic, secure ear hooks and comfortable fit. The noise cancellation with CVC allows you to focus on what is playing with no distractions.

With the increase in popularity of Bluetooth-enabled devices, more people have gotten used to connecting their wireless earbuds or headphones with no wire. This is where the Soundpeats Bluetooth headphones come in handy. In addition, they come with many other features like water-resistant protection, which means you don't need to worry about sweat or rain. This also makes it quite easy to clean.

Therefore, with all these features and more, the Soundpeats headphones are a perfect choice for anyone out there. It is not only about the better sound quality but also safety and battery life. So if you're looking for a combination of high-quality sound and affordability, then here are some of the best Soundpeats headphones you should consider buying.

1. SoundPEATS Truefree/ True Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

SoundPEATS True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds in-Ear Stereo Bluetooth...
  • [TWS & BLUETOOTH 5.0] - Adopt global professional Realtek chipset, true wireless design...
  • [SINGLE & COUPLE] - Support working together to enjoy stereo sound, or using one earbud...
  • [ONE-STEP PAIRING] - Born to offer you every convenience, the earbuds are built with very...
  • [EXTENDED PLAYTIME] - Compact and lightweight magnetic charging case for you to carry the...
  • [BIG IN SMALL] - Sound PEATS True Free wireless earbuds fulfill all your fantasy and needs...

The SoundPEATS Truefree/ True Wireless Bluetooth Headphones are decent true wireless earbuds that offer amazing performance for their affordable price. These in-ears designs are comfortable and offer good noise isolation, making them a great choice for outdoor use. Although the sound signature is particularly made for bass-heavy music, most users tend to be satisfied using these for all kinds of music.

They come with a compact and small design that is easy to carry around and are also stable for all physical activities. They won't trap heat in your ears and won't easily pop out as you go around your business. This is why it is considered the best for sports activities.

However, the pairing process can be a bit challenging. The earbuds will enter pairing mode with a voice prompt pairing. Automatically, the left earbud connects to the right earbud with the left indicator going out. Despite this, these two earbuds are made for budget headphones and are designed to satisfy most users.


  • Great sound isolation performance
  • Good quality construction
  • Amazing wireless range
  • Compact and portable
  • Comfortable and stable fit
  • Good value for money


  • Challenging pairing procedure

2. SoundPEATS Wireless Earbuds Bluetooth V5.2 Headphones

SoundPEATS Wireless Earbuds Bluetooth V5.2 Headphones with Qualcomm...
  • [Qualcomm 3040 & Bluetooth 5.2] - With the comprehensive upgrade in every way, you can...
  • [Dual Mic & cVc Noise Cancellation] - A dual mic in each wireless earphone and improved...
  • [TrueWireless Mirroring & Seamless Connection] - Upgraded on TWS Plus, the advanced...
  • [Melodious Sound & 25 Hours] - 14.2mm bio-compound diaphragm driver inside and aptX codec...
  • [Ultra Lightweight & Comfortable Wearing] - A single Bluetooth earbud weighs 0.14oz, and a...

The SoundPEATS Earbuds Bluetooth V5.2 Headphones are amazing budget earbuds that provide a comfortable fit and also come in a wide variety of colors. They come with a semi-in ear design that provides comfortable use, but since the ear tips don't go deep enough, they may not be the best for bass lovers, and you also have a risk of losing one as you move around.

They have a TrueAir 2 technology, which is a drastic improvement from the Truebuds and TrueAir noise isolating technology. These buds are quite compact and come with a solid base. They sound better than the other Soundpeat semi-in ear headphones. Yet, they are still the best budget headphones.

The case is also compact and comes with long battery life. So, if you don't want to charge the earbuds every time, then these are perfect for you. However, the touch controls are a bit, but despite this, it is a great Bluetooth speaker if you're looking for one with a semi in-ear design as well as a carrying case that you can insert in your pocket.


  • Lightweight and compact
  • Long battery life
  • Strong wireless connection
  • CVC noise cancellation
  • Dual mic
  • Comfortable and stable fit


  • The touch controls are too sensitive

3. SoundPEATS Q True Wireless Earbuds Bluetooth 5.0 Headphones

SoundPEATS Q True Wireless Earbuds Bluetooth 5.0 Headphones, in-Ear...
  • [Unrivalled Sound & Crystal Calls] Equipped with a 10mm driver and dual mics, these...
  • [Bluetooth 5.0 & Single/Twin Mode] Enjoy a seamless and stable connection without...
  • [Wireless Charging & USB-C Charging] Charge on the go with wireless or USB-C charging....
  • [One-Step Reconnection & Touch Control] These earbuds will automatically reconnect to your...
  • [Easy Operation & Comfort Fit] Resetting is easy with one step by pressing the button of...

The SoundPEATS Q True Wireless Bluetooth 5.0 Headphones offer an unbelievable listening experience, even with a single earbud on the ears, providing an excellent value for more money. The sound you get from these earbuds is quite intense. You experience a stable vibration but with balanced and richer mids and high frequencies, which are much more crisper.

However, the lower end of this headphone is slightly lacking, which means that it doesn't provide much presence. Despite this, the volume on the headsets is quite high, even on phone calls and voice prompt. They provide a great mic quality at a budget price. It comes with a charging dock to help you extend the battery life.

Furthermore, these earbuds provide a comfortable and stable fit on the outer ear canal. However, the major downside of these earbuds is their battery life. Therefore, if you're looking to have a longer charging case battery life, then you should consider other Soundpeats Truefree earbuds.


  • Comfortable and stable fit
  • Compact design
  • One step reconnection makes pairing mode easy
  • USB C charging port


  • The quality of the earbuds is slightly lacking
  • The battery life is not the best

4. SoundPEATS TrueShift2 Wireless Bluetooth 5.0 Headphones

SoundPEATS Air3 Wireless Earbuds Mini Bluetooth V5.2 Earphones with...
  • [Qualcomm QCC3040 & aptX-Adaptive] - SoundPEATS Air3 wireless earbuds adopt advanced...
  • [In-Ear Detection & 14.2mm Driver] - Along with a 14.2mm bio-compound diaphragm driver...
  • [Four Microphones & cVc 8.0 Noise Cancelling] - With dual-mic in each earbud to capture...
  • [Game Mode & 17.5H Playtime] - Support game mode with industry-leading tech that cuts down...
  • [Mini Size & Comfortable Fit] - Exclusive research, design, production, and improvement by...

Looking for elegant looking earbuds and the most secure fit of all the models? The SoundPEATS TrueShift2 Wireless Bluetooth 5.0 Headphones provide a deep fit which makes it difficult to remove or fall down while doing your activities. However, the two earbuds take a lot of space which means small-eared people should consider getting other models.

Although this model doesn't feature an improved audio quality compared to the previous models, it has a longer battery life, totaling about 100 hours. With great clarity and excellent boomy bass, this model still gives a great sound experience. The heavy bass style provides a better enjoyment of different music, including metal, classical, EDM, and other music genres.

While the audio is precise, it is not overwhelming. This makes it an amazing choice for someone who is too sensitive to noise or workaround places with loud machines. However, the sensitivity of the touchpad is not the best but still has a better response than Truecapsule.


  • IPX7 Waterproof
  • Sensitive touch control
  • Both mono mode and stereo mode
  • Long playtime
  • Easy pairing mode


  • Not the best for someone with small ears

5. SoundPEATS Sonic Wireless Bluetooth 5.2 Headphones

SoundPEATS Sonic Wireless Earbuds with QCC3040, Bluetooth V5.2...
  • [Bluetooth 5.2 & QCC3040 Chipset] Equipped with advanced Bluetooth 5.2 technology and...
  • [Immersive Bass & Clear Call] Adopted low-frequency enhancement technology and the latest...
  • [TrueWireless Mirroring & Game Mode] The advanced true wireless mirroring technology...
  • [35 Hrs Playtime & USB-C Charge] Up to 15 hours playtime on a single full charge and...
  • [Easy Control & Comfortable Fit] Compared to the smart touch control, the sensitive button...

With a cleaner and crisper sound than Sonic pro, the Sounpeats sonic boasts a great sound quality. The SoundPEATS Sonic Wireless Bluetooth 5.2 Headphones stand out because of their bass-heavy and subwoofer quality bass, which is hard to find on other earbuds.

The bass is quite high, and the trebles are pleasantly pushed forward. Moreover, you get a deeper and richer quality of sound and volume control. The latest aptx adaptive audio technology and the low-frequency enhancement technology deliver a great immersive sound and a powerful bass. It is equipped with an advanced Bluetooth 5.2 technology and a high-tech chipset to ensure it is compatible with all Bluetooth devices.

The advanced true wireless technology ensures reduced audio interruption and stable connection even under poor radiofrequency. No music dropouts or signal loss will bother you no matter where you are. You get up to 15 hours of playtime, and the charging case extends the playtime up to 35 hours.


  • CVC noise reduction
  • Longer battery
  • Great audio quality
  • USB charging adapter
  • Easy pairing mode with mono mode or stereo mode


  • Call quality is not the best

6. SoundPEATS T2 Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling Earbuds

SoundPEATS T2 Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling Wireless Earbuds, ANC...
  • [Active Noise Cancelling & Hybrid ANC] - Hybrid noise cancellation relies on microphones...
  • [Transparency Mode & Touch Control] - This mode supports picking up and amplifying the...
  • [Bluetooth 5.1 & Unbreakable Connection] - Adopt advanced chip to provide stable, fast and...
  • [30 Hours & LED Indicators] - Ultra long playtime up to 10 hours with single charge (8...
  • [Pleasant Sound & Large Driver] - While focusing on noise reduction performance, the T2...

The SoundPEATS T2 Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling Earbuds is a newer model in response to the original Soundpeats T, which never made it to the market. This is the first noise-canceling earbud that Soundpeat ever released, and surprisingly it does a great job in isolating the background noise.

Another valuable feature of these headphones is their transparent mode. What's more, they are quite comfortable, so much that you will forget you have them on. In addition, they are quite stable and stay put whenever you do any activity. You won't get the suction feeling that other popular earbuds give.

The case is compact enough, making it easy to carry around. They come with three LED indicators at the front as well as high-quality construction that stands out from all other Soundpeats cases. The sound is great, and the mids are cleaner because of the nice balance of lows and highs.


  • Low latency game mode
  • Hybrid active noise canceling
  • Comes with a transparency mode and a touch control
  • Long battery
  • LED indicator included


  • The audio quality is not the best

What Things Do You Consider Before Purchasing the Best Soundpeats Bluetooth Headphones?

1. Sound Quality and Depth

The true test of Soundpeats earbuds and earphones is the ability to deliver a sound that is close to the top quality wired models. Although some limitations of Bluetooth models will keep the earbuds from sounding as good as wired models, most of them still have clear and crisp sounds. So, before buying any Bluetooth headphones, it is also a good idea to ensure they have great sound quality.

2. Call Quality

Some people would use Bluetooth headphones connected to a smartphone to receive and make phone calls. When buying headphones, it is important to ensure they have a balanced sound output that works well with both music and voice calls so that you can be heard and hear others clearly.

You will find that some Bluetooth models, especially those that are not tuned or balanced accordingly, are not the best for voice calls. Therefore, ensure the Soundpeats Bluetooth headphones you get are well-tuned and have a balanced sound.

3. Battery Life

Most Soundpeats headphones have a decent battery life that can last six hours or longer on a full charge. However, this varies depending on the specifications of the headphones. Also, the charging speed is another crucial factor you should not ignore when it comes to wireless buds. It is not always impressive to wait for several hours before the wireless earbuds charge fully.

4. Fit

A comfortable and secure fit is crucial, especially for people who would use their Bluetooth earphones for heavy activities, including working out, dancing, or running. Your preferred Soundpeats wireless earbuds or headphones should provide a snug fit enough to remain in place during any activity but shouldn't be too tight to cause discomfort to the ears.

In terms of wearability, also check for an IPX rating of the headphones to determine the resistance of dust, moisture, and temperature. BUy a piece that provides a great fit and can withstand any activity and pace you throw at them.

5. Build Quality and Construction

Unlike other Bluetooth headphones or true wireless earbuds that are notorious for their lack of durability and consistency, most Soundpeats headphones have great build quality because of the materials used.

Check for the IPX rating on durability and weather resistance, especially under regular use. Choose a headphone that is proven to be reliable, with a great warranty and customer service policy to ensure you get all the support you need in case of damages.

6. Range

Although walls and obstacles can reduce the range of specifications stated, most Soundpeats headphones have a decent range while still supporting great audio clarity. Remember to check the Bluetooth codex of the earphones you buy before making a selection.

How Do You Pair Soundpeats Headphones or Earbuds?

Pairing a pair of Soundpeats headphones is quite simple. Whether you're using an iOS or Android version, the headphones are compatible with all of them. These headphones are pairable with any smart device ranging from laptops, tablets, smartphones, etc. All you need is a great Bluetooth connectivity that supports all the smart devices you can think about.

You need to turn on the headphones and ensure your device has Bluetooth connectivity turned on. Check for the name of the headphones in the list of the available Bluetooth connectivity options and connect to it. Once you set this initial connection with a specific device, you won't have to repeat it next time since the device and the headphones tend to save the connection. Instead, these devices will automatically connect to each other.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Bluetooth Headphones

1. How do you factory reset the Soundpeats Truefree earbuds?

If the devices aren't pairing, it is always a good idea to factory reset your earbuds. The factory reset clears the previous data of the two devices in the earbuds. Press and hold the MFB of the right earbud and the left earbud for about ten seconds when in charging mode. Once the earbuds have reset successfully, an LED indicator will flash three times.

2. Are SoundPEATS better than AirPods?

The Soundpeats earbuds are slightly more versatile than Apple Airpods. This is because they provide a more stable fit, better-balanced sound problem, and better control. They also come in handy to block the ambient noise.

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