Tranya Wireless Earbuds: Are They Worth the Fuss?

Eric Chan

Walk around the streets, and you are likely to find almost everyone with a pair of wireless earbuds. These babies are now a necessity for most people because of the convenience they bring. Besides not dealing with tangles cords, wireless earbuds offer high-quality sound, are hands-free, and also stylish. Today, we take a closer look at Tranya wireless earbuds, their pros, cons, and a few reasons why we think it's a deal you shouldn't miss. Let's get to it.

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About the earbuds

Product feature details

  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • 10-meter range
  • 60mah battery capacity on each bud
  • 60 hours with charging case
  • 6 to 8 hours bud power
  • Voice control (Siri/Google)
  • 5oz


  • The buttons on the side make controlling them easy.
  • You can use mono mode or use them together.
  • They connect easily to other devices and to each other.
  • Clear sound for calls and music.
  • Noise cancellation to minimize interference.
  • You can charge the buds simultaneously.
  • Long playtime.


  • You can’t turn off noise cancellation.
  • A bit expensive compared to similar buds.

Are Tranya earbuds good?

The simple answer is yes. If you have been listening to tech news, you know there has been a lot of buzz around these earbuds. People love that they have excellent sound chips and also come with hands-to-touch controls, among other features. But, all these are features you can get in other brands, so why consider the Tranya wireless earbuds?

1. Sound quality

Obviously, this is the main reason why anybody would be getting earbuds, and these don't disappoint. Tranya has the right amount of bass and trebles for such a fair price, which comes through pretty well to make the audio quality stand out. Sound is projected perfectly and consistently across the spectrum, with only a few high sounds here and there depending on the track. Even the treble blends well with the bass, creating the sound quality balance you seek from true wireless earbuds. Overall, the HS stereo, Bluetooth 5.0 technology, and design bring everything together nicely to give a clear, consistent sound.

A 12mm graphene drive powers the earbuds, making them small and lightweight without compromising the sound. Lastly, these earbuds were designed with noise cancellation in mind because of how meticulous the ear tips are crafted. Tranya phone functionality is cVc 8.0 noise cancellation that's inbuilt into the microphone. This reduces ambient noise from the environment and keeps your voice crystal clear when you speak. Thus, calls are pretty easy and crisp even in a chaotic environment.

2. Design and control

The first thing you notice about these earbuds is their small minimalist design. The buds fit perfectly in your ears and are large enough to hold without worrying about losing them. Further, the outer shell is easy to touch, which is vital since that’s how you control the earphones.

They have press buttons on the side where you can choose your volume, answer or reject calls, among other commands. This kind of control is fast becoming popular as people move away from cables and voice commands. However, you don’t switch tracks with a simple touch since the buds aren’t too sensitive.

Sound cancellation is one of the best features you get with these earphones. But, when you need to pay attention to your ambient environment, it’s challenging since you can’t turn this feature off. Luckily, you can engage mono mode, so you only use one earphone at a time. This way, you pay attention to your ambiance while still enjoying your music or taking that important phone call.

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, these earbuds come in three sizes to fit any inner ear. The comfortable silicone tips gradually expand to fit you without leaving a lot of room. Further, silicone is soft, so you won’t get sore after listening for a long time.

3. Connectivity and auto-pairing

The only time you need to set up is when you first connect your earpieces to your device. Simply go to your Bluetooth setting, locate T3 from your list and pair the earbuds to your phone. After that, the buds will auto-pair automatically as long as your Bluetooth is on. How about recharging? Generally, you can charge your earbuds using the wireless method, which is convenient and offers great flexibility. Also, you can use a USB cable, kind of like how you charge your Bluetooth headphones. It takes anywhere between four to five hours to charge your earphones fully, but cable charging generally takes less.

When fully charged, you will have at least eight hours of playtime and an additional 32 hours of battery life with a charged case. The case holds all the power for around 120 hours, so there is no pressure. The charging case has four indicator lights that tell you how much battery life you have left.


Overall, the Tranya earbuds are worth the price and compare well with other models within the price range. If you have been looking for true wireless earbuds to match your style, they are worth checking out.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I pair my Tranya Bluetooth headphones?

Take the earbuds out of the charging case and place them close together. Turn on the Bluetooth on your device and select T3. Pair the earbuds with your smartphone, and it will reset successfully. You can also split the two buds into two and have them paired with a different device.

How do you pair only the right or left earbud?

Take the right or left earbud out of the case and ensure the other bud is off. Turn off your right bid, press, and hold it for four to six seconds. The indicator light should flash white or blue and prompt "pairing." select T3-R in your Bluetooth. Make sure you do this correctly to avoid sync issues.

Are the earbuds waterproof?

Tranya Bluetooth headphones are fitted with ipx5 water-resistant. If you plan on taking them out for a jog, the sweat or rain won’t affect their function. However, sweat and rain is as far as it goes. We don’t advocate swimming with them.

How do you reset Tranya wireless headphones?

Switch off your headphones and press the power keys up for around 15 seconds. Wait until you hear the voice prompt to “reset.” Wait for another three to five seconds before turning on your earbuds. Keep them close, around 5cm.

Will the wireless headphones fit my ears?

The headphones come in three sizes to ensure they stay in position no matter your ear-shape. They leave little room on the side and cancels background noises to give clarity and high-quality sound.

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