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How To Unforget A Bluetooth Device On Android And iOs

Eric Chan

For whatever reason, you might sometimes need to hit the "forget this device" button. Be it too many devices on your list or some devices you don't even recognize. Sometimes, you might still need access to a forgotten device. Therefore, it is paramount that you learn how to unforget a Bluetooth device.

What Does The "Forget This Device" Option Do?

The "forget this device" option is a security feature on most phones and devices with Bluetooth. Its specific purpose is to ensure your phone doesn't connect with every Bluetooth device that you might happen to walk past. However, you can always undo this feature when you reset network settings on your device.

Additionally, the "forget this device" option does exactly what it says. The device will forget the connection with the device. If you want to pair both of the devices again, you will have to set up a new pairing mode for that to happen. Additionally, no device has an "undo" button for when you choose to forget a certain device such as earbuds or a PlayStation device.

You will have to go through a process to finally get your device to restore any forgotten devices. This process most usually begins with the network settings. Any connected Bluetooth devices that you choose to forget will reappear on your Bluetooth pairing screen. Here is how to undo the "forget this device" option on different devices.

How To Unforget A Bluetooth Device On Android

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Connecting smart phone to the car audio system using wireless technology

1) Set To Pairing Mode

Firstly, you need to ensure your device is on pairing mode. When you forget a device, it will be automatically removed from your "saved devices" list. However, when you turn on Bluetooth pairing, it should be displayed on the list. So ensure your phone and device are on pairing mode before trying to connect the devices.

2) Bluetooth On And Off

If you can't see any devices listed on the "available devices" list, then you can try to toggle Bluetooth on and off. Ensure your device is still in pairing mode every time you turn on your Bluetooth. On "other devices," you should see a "my devices" list. Your laptop, or beats headphones devices should be visible there. If it isn't, proceed to the next steps.

3) Restart Your Device

Sometimes a simple turning off/on can solve the whole issue. After your phone comes on, go back to the Bluetooth settings. On the available devices list, you should see the device you want to connect. From there, just click on "connect," and your Bluetooth device will be automatically connected.

4) Reset Your Bluetooth Device

If the step in number 4 above doesn't work, continue to reset your Bluetooth device. Keep in mind that this procedure varies from device to device. Before you try to reset your device, ensure to Google the specifics for your device. Alternatively, you can also read the manual before proceeding to the next step.

5) Check For Any Software Updates

Software updates are usually important in doing away with outdated features. Therefore, ensure that your preferred device has the latest software updates already updated. This should fix most software-related problems. Software updates also update Bluetooth discoverability. To check for software updates, start by:

  • Go to settings
  • Search for software settings
  • Select "check for updates."
  • Install any updates found

How To Unforget A Bluetooth Device On iPhone

It is less of a process to unforget a Bluetooth device on iPhone . By virtue of this, you can easily access this option by simply resetting network settings. It is a simple procedure that also involves backing up your data and undoing any recent settings in the past few days. Here is the process:

On your iPhone, proceed to the settings app. Then select "general" under settings. This should bring a pop-up of different options. Among them, the "reset" option will appear. Under the "reset" option, you will see different options such as "reset network settings," "reset all settings," and "reset contact settings."

On the drop-down menu, select "reset network settings." You will be asked to confirm whether or not you want to reset your network settings. Confirm or click "yes." The reset should begin immediately. After a few minutes, you will be taken back to Bluetooth settings, and you can start to pair afresh.

After the reset, your screen will go blank. Then, after a while, it will turn on again, having your home screen on. This will bring back every previous setting you had, including the list of devices paired to your Bluetooth. In addition, you can now access any device you opted to forget on your Bluetooth settings.

What Should You Do If The Methods Above Don't Work?

Sometimes, these methods might not work on your android device or iPhone device. Therefore if all these methods fail, it might be time to try other reset options. In addition, there are other simple troubleshooting processes you can try.

a) Factory Data Reset For Android

Before doing this, ensure your data is backed up. Factory resets erase all the data, including system settings you might have already set up, like Bluetooth connections. This method will allow you to access previously connected devices. All you have to do is open settings and search for the "system" tab.

Next, you want to look for "backup and restore." This option allows you to backup all the important data on your phone. After this is done, open Settings on your android device again, go to "settings," then search and click on "system," click on the "reset options." Next, click on the "factory reset" and give it a few minutes.

When your phone turns on again, it will be as good as new. This means you will have to start everything afresh, including the date and time. However, it should solve any Bluetooth problems you might have including recovering any forgotten Bluetooth devices.

b) DFU Restore For iOS Device

A device firmware update restore can solve the Bluetooth issue on your iPhone. However, this method also requires you to backup your data first. After backing up your data on the platform you prefer, connect your phone to your computer and open iTunes if you have a MacOs or PC. You can also open finder if you have MacOs Catalina.

Press the sleep and volume down button at the same time, and your iPhone should appear on iTunes or Finder. Release the buttons, and your screen should turn black. If it doesn't, start the process again. When your phone appears on Finder or iTunes, it is already in DFU mode.

You should keep in mind that DFU mode will erase everything. Furthermore, if there is damage to your phone, DFU mode will cause more damage to your device. Therefore, it is important to ensure your phone is in good condition before engaging the DFU mode.

The Bottom Line

If all these methods fail, then it's time to troubleshoot your device. Maybe your iPhone speaker holes need to be cleaned. However, most problems will be solved by any process we have mentioned. Unforgetting any Bluetooth devices should not be a difficult or long process. Your connected devices should return to your list when you follow any unforgetting process.

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