Samsung Level U Wireless Headphones In-Depth Review

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Samsung's decision to include the Samsung Level U Wireless Headphones in its Level series is quite difficult to understand. However, being super affordable and with high-end audio gear, unlike other comparable devices, is why it is part of the Level series.

The pricing makes it an excellent option for people looking for something simple that works for different occasions but still has quality sound. It is a flexible around-the-neck Bluetooth wireless in-ear headphones that boast the perfect balance between style and comfort.

Is Samsung Level U Worth Buying?

After LG's success with Bluetooth headphones, more and more around the neck Bluetooth wireless headphones are being launched, including this one from Samsung. Like most Bluetooth earphones, Level U headphones connect wirelessly to any Bluetooth device.

Although these headphones don't provide the best sounds, they are quite comfortable to use and wear, making them impressive to use. Similar to Bose headphones, these in-ear headphones are great for people who don't really enjoy having the ear tips in their ears.

In comparison to other headphones, Samsung Level U has a lot more features and average sound quality that is versatile enough to use for several situations. Furthermore, you can customize the sound profile depending on what you like but only in Android. Keep reading to find out more about these headphones.

SAMSUNG Level U Bluetooth Wireless In-ear Headphones with Microphone

SAMSUNG Level U Bluetooth Wireless In-ear Headphones with Microphone,...
  • 12mm Speaker Units deliver high quality, clear sound
  • Dual Mic Noise Reduction and Echo Cancelation reduce outside sound interference and...
  • Features Magnetic Ear Buds for convenient wear when not in use and comes with 1 set of...
  • Battery Life: up to 11 hrs talk/10 hrs play/ 500 hrs standby
  • Compatible with Samsung Level App and S Voice Voice Command


The Samsung Level U Bluetooth Wireless In-ear Headphones come with a neckband style that is available in white or black sapphire, which is a blue and black combo. Its design is mainly used for exercise, but they are not marketed that way.

The two earpieces ascend to your ears whenever you put the band around your neck. This band ensures a secure fit with no cable thump and a minimal tug. You can use the cables to adjust the amount of slack by sliding the rubber band style loop either forward or backward along the band.

They also come with a flexible urethane joint that you can wear around your neck. The magnetic earbuds conveniently clasp together when not in use, but the neckband won't fold down for easier storage. Instead, the neckband sits loosely but securely at the base of the neck, above the collarbone. It has flexible and rubberized portions, and the controls are found on the right side of the band.

The ear tips come with a more sculpted shape compared to typical ear tips. They are referred to as stabilizing wing ear gels. Its shape features a little funnel that settles in the opening of the ear canal. You get to choose from three standard ear gels and another one that has a stabilizing fin. Unlike many ear tips, these stabilizing wing ear gels tend to have outside sound interference since they allow ambient sound in.


These wireless in-ear headphones feature 12-millimeter drivers, which make the sound pretty decent. However, the earphones have shown some weaknesses when it comes to more complicated and bass-heavy tracks. Despite this, it features a reasonable amount of bass and a fairly well-balanced headphones.

There is a subtle amount of attention when it comes to the lows, but the overall quality is not something premium. However, it doesn't have any irritating strain, even at the loudest volume setting. It still delivers high-quality music.

Sound Quality

These headphones come with dual-mic noise reduction that stops the outside noise from interfering with your calls and music. However, the dual-mic noise reduction is not the best in these Level U wireless headphones.

When it comes to phone calls, the Samsung Level U Bluetooth headphones deliver a decent call quality as long as there is no tons of background noise that can overpower the music. The dual-microphone noise reduction and echo cancellation reduce interference during calls, but they are not the best quality.

Although volume output is great, the background noise from the environment may make it a bit difficult to understand the sounds.


While it is easy to believe that Samsung Level U Bluetooth Wireless In-ear Headphones are only compatible with specific Samsung phone modes, that is quite untrue. The earphones will work and pair with any Bluetooth device, including an iPhone.

Although this headphone has no NFC option, the setup process is still easy. You simply need to hold and press the play/pause button to switch it on. This way, the earphones go into the pairing, where you can connect them to your Bluetooth device.

The Bluetooth connection can be maintained for up to 20 feet before it starts to cut off. These Level U wireless headphones provide notifications, both vibrations and audible notifications. Furthermore, you get a Samsung-level mobile app to act as a connection manager and help you locate the Bluetooth headphones in case they are misplaced.


The volume controls work together with the master volume available on Samsung devices and independently on other phones. It comes with two volume controls which are useful in track navigation. The main button is used for call management and play/pause.

The covered USB connection and power/pairing switch are located on the middle part of the band.

Battery Life

The Samsung Level wireless headphones provide over 12 hours of battery life, considering their size. This is more than enough for using it for several hours every day, throughout the week. It comes with a flap along with the rear compartment, which hides the micro USB port responsible for charging,

Pros and Cons of Samsung Level U Wireless Headphones


  • Affordable
  • Lightweight design
  • Flexible urethane joints
  • Great sound quality, music quality, and call quality
  • Comes with a notification system
  • Snug fit for stability
  • Great battery life
  • Built-in microphone
  • Amazing in-ear comfort


  • Poor noise isolation


Samsung Level U wireless headphones are pretty decent, with an around-the-neck design and quite versatile. They are also relatively affordable compared to other headphones that have similar features. However, if you're looking for a better sound, you could try the Samsung Level U Pro Bluetooth earbuds.

Samsung Level U Pro Bluetooth Wireless In-ear Headphones

Samsung Level U Pro Bluetooth Wireless In-ear Headphones with...
  • Stylish, Lightweight Design. UHQA is compatible with select Samsung Galaxy devices
  • Flexible Urethane Joints For A Comfortable Fit Bluetooth 4.1
  • Built-in, Noise-canceling Microphone
  • Connectivity Technology: Wireless

Build Quality

The Samsung Level U Pro Bluetooth Wireless In-ear Headphones are decently constructed. The neckband is sturdy enough but still flexible and won't break down easily. However, the cables are a bit too thin and are susceptible to damage. If they repeatedly get hooked to something, this may cause wear and tear.

Their around-neck design is considerably stable and won't easily fall off your neck even if you exercise or run with them. However, this is dependent on how well the ear gels or ear tips fit you.

Sound Quality

When it comes to the sound profile, the frequency response consistency is great. If the user can get an airtight seal and a proper fit with the tips, then you should be able to get a consistent bass and treble. They have a pretty good bass since their low-frequency extension(LFE) is at 10Hz for a quality sound.

The mid-range is also great. The response is quite even, but there is an 8dB tilt from 250Hz to 700Hz. The budget provides more emphasis to bass instruments and lower harmonics of some lead instruments. As a result, you get a mix that is a bit cluttered and muddy, as well as vocals that have a thick sounding.

Their treble performance is also amazing. However, the dB dip in low treble may negatively affect the articulation of vocals and lead instruments.

These headphones don't have active noise cancellation, and their performance is very similar to other non-canceling in ears. They give very small isolation in the bass. However, in the mid-range, they give approximately 17dB of noise reduction, which is impressive.

Style and Design

The Samsung Level U Pro headphones come with a decent style and around the neck design. The headphones have a sleek, blue neckband that not only fits comfortably but has a smooth and glossy finish that won't irritate your skin or get tangled with your clothing.

These in-ear buds are ergonomically designed with magnetic backs that conveniently stick together, making storage easier when not in use. However, the audio cables are not retractable and feel a bit cheap in comparison to the rest of the construction.


With a control system and an efficient button layout, the Samsung Level U Pro provides volume controls, track skipping, as well as call or music controls. These buttons also provide great tactile feedback, but they may be too small for big hands. Furthermore, the button placement may require some time to get used to.

Like the Samsung Level U wireless headphones also includes a Samsung level application. It allows you to control the setting on your Level U wireless earphones from your paired Android device. You can search Samsung Level on Google Play Store to download the app.


These headphones come with a breathable in-ear design that does not cause any temperature in your ears. This is because they do not completely cover your ears. As a result, they trap only a bit of heat within the ear canal, which shouldn't make you sweat a lot.


The Samsung Level U Pro headphones are moderately portable since they are a bit larger than in-ear headphones with their neckband design. However, that doesn't mean they are cumbersome to carry around full-sized headphones.

The headphones will conveniently rest around the neck and can easily be tucked under your clothes. Unfortunately, they don't include a case and can't fit in a pocket.

Pros and Cons of Samsung Level U Pro Wireless In-ear Headphones


  • Comfortable fit
  • Lightweight
  • Around the neck design
  • Stable wear
  • Clear sound
  • Samsung level app for control advanced settings


  • Fragile audio cables
  • Poor noise reduction


Samsung Level U pro has many similar features to Level U headphones. However, the Level U Pro headphones come with a clear sound and more customization features. Unfortunately, their build quality is not the best in comparison to other headphones. Despite this, these headphones are definitely worth your coins.

Samsung Level U Bluetooth Headphones Vs. Samsung Level U Pro Headphones

Both Samsung's Level U and Level U pro are great for great quality music. They are ergonomically designed for long-term use. With that being said, here are some of the similarities and differences between the two headphones;

  • Sound Output- The Samsung level U Bluetooth headphones have a stereo sound output that is similar to that of Level U pro.
  • Design- Both headphones have an in-ear style and stereo speakers
  • Water-resistant- Samsung Level U pro has water-resistant features but none for level U.
  • Connectivity- The inputs supported in level U are Bluetooth, while those in Level U pro are Bluetooth and USB. The Level U Pro also uses a micro USB charging cable. Both of them can be used wirelessly.
  • Battery life- The battery in level U is better than that of level U pro. Both of them come with a rechargeable battery.
  • Microphone- Level U claims to have a noise-canceling microphone, while level U pro doesn't.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Samsung Level U Wireless Headphones

1. Does Samsung Level U Pro have a mic?

Yes. Samsung Level U Pro features a dual microphone with active noise cancellation and echo cancellation technology.

2. How do I pair my Samsung Level U Bluetooth?

Pairing is very easy with these headphones. Once you turn your headphones on, they will automatically go to pairing mode. You can find the device on your phone settings and click on it to pair it with the headphones.

3. Is Samsung Level U good for running?

Unlike other headphones, Samsung Level U headphones provide a more secure and stable fit, making them suitable for running. They comfortable stay in your ears to ensure they don't fall off while you're doing your running exercises.

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